Tech International combines its expertise in tire repairs with RFID tire identification technology to provide options for every application in the tire industry. Tech embeds RFID microchips into badges that can be placed in the tire during manufacturing or installed on the tire in aftermarket applications.

Tech’s RFID technology provides unique 96 bit identification for each tire, allowing for tracking and traceability. The RFID tags, which conform to Global standards EPC-Gen2, are compatible with most handheld and gate scanners. This system of tire identification assures data accuracy and improves efficiency in any tire maintenance or retread process. The tire’s identification can then be uploaded into standardized reports, which provide the fleet manager or tire servicer provider fast, systematic insight into their tire maintenance and inventory needs.

Available in cured, semi-cured or uncured versions, Tech’s RFID badges are suitable for new tire manufacturing, racing tires, and fleet applications. They permanently bond to the tire for identification from cradle to grave – through maintenance, retreading, and inventory control.

For new tire manufacturing, Tech International can incorporate its proprietary rubber compounds or can process tire manufacturer’s compounds to manufacturer specs that enhance material compatibility for permanent bond to the new tire rubber. In after-market applications, the cured RFID units can be applied inside or outside of the tire using basic installation procedures and Tech chemical vulcanizing materials.

Founded in 1939 and based in the U.S., Tech International is the world’s leading producer and provider of tire repair and wheel service products, marketed into 96 countries under the Tech and Truflex/Pang brands, as well as several private label brands.

For more information on Tech’s RFID technology, contact Tim BeVier or Carol Rice at (800) 433-8324 or (740) 967-9015, or visit Tech’s website.