Tanom Motors Unveils Two “Invader” Production Models At SEMA 2012


The Tanom Motors will unveil two new production models of the Invader high performance reverse trike at the 2012 SEMA Show. The new Invader TR-3 open cockpit roadster will be unveiled publicly for the first time alongside the debut of the signature special edition Sammy Hagar “Red Rocker Invader TC-3” coupe, both models are slated for production starting 2nd Quarter 2013 alongside the standard TC-3 coupe.

LAS VEGAS, NV. (Oct. 30, 2012) – This year’s SEMA Show will be the site for the unveiling of two new production models of Tanom Motors highly anticipated Invader – signature special edition Sammy Hagar “Red Rocker TC-3 Coupe and the topless TR-3 roadster. These two new models represent an exciting one-of-a-kind fusion of super bike and super car. The Invader’s unique high performance reverse trike design, features two steering front wheels and one rear drive wheel, both the Invader TC-3 and TR-3 provide comfortable side-by-side seating for two with mind-bending performance, wrapped in a body design that is unlike anything on the road.

“We’ve had a very favorable response to the TC-3 coupe,” says Sandy Hall, President and CEO of Tanom Motors. “People liked the idea of the enclosed cockpit, but we also heard from those who wanted a little more of that wind-in-your-hair sensation of an open cockpit and to meet that demand we have designed the TR-3, a topless roadster.”

Tanom Motors will also be showing a special edition Sammy Hagar “Red Rocker Invader TC-3” coupe at this year’s SEMA show created under the direction of the Red Rocker himself. This limited issue Invader was inspired by the energetic spirit of the famous rock ‘n roll legend Sammy Hagar. True to his name, each “Red Rocker Invader TC-3” features a signature Red Rocker paint scheme with carbon fiber trim and a custom suede interior accented by red stitching and custom embroidered seats. Each of the 55 “Red Rocker Invader TC-3’s” built will feature a serialized plaque signed by Sammy himself.

Both the TR-3 and TC-3 feature a frame constructed from one-and-a-half-inch tubular steel with a front crash zone, triangulated side protection bars and a complete roll-cage surrounding the cockpit. Wrapped around this framework is a sleek fiberglass body with flowing sinewy lines that hint of power and speed hidden underneath.

In the TR-3’s open air cockpit there are two side-by-side race style bucket seats that will comfortably accommodate six foot plus occupants. Drivers will find a set of controls similar to those found in any sports car - a steering wheel, gas, brake and clutch pedals and a six-speed sequential shifter and reverse gear. A full complement of gauges round out the cockpit along with many standard amenities including a locking glove box, map light, power point and cup holders. Located just aft of the passenger cockpit are two locking watertight compartments that make the Invader perfect for a weekend getaway or quick trip to the store.

Pushing the Invader’s start button brings to life a snarling 1,300 cc Hayabusa powerhouse capable of delivering 197 horsepower to the 18-inch wide rear tire. From a standing start the Invader rockets to 60 mph in just under four seconds. Keeping all this power under control is a race inspired forged front suspension featuring unequal length control arms out front and lightweight aluminum swing arm in the rear. A push on the brake pedal activates a pair of four piston front calipers and a single rear
six-piston caliper quickly bringing everything to a halt.

“Driving the Invader is a totally unique experience,” says Adam Canni, Tanom Motors Director of Design. “You are just a few inches off the ground and its exceptional power to weight ratio provides wicked fast acceleration that is exhilarating to say the least. Combine that with its exceptional handling and braking and the result is nothing short of jaw dropping performance that equals its appearance. It looks fast even when it is standing still.”

The Invader TC-3 Coupe will be offered at a base MSRP of $49,999.00. For more information please visit us at the 2012 SEMA Show in booth #36057 or visit our web site at www.tanommotors.com.

About the Company
President and CEO Sandy Hall is a successful business owner and entrepreneur with a love of motorsports. Hall founded Tanom Motors based on an admiration for the world of motorsports and a desire to use his business expertise and entrepreneurial savvy to create a unique and exciting motoring experience. The production of the Invader TC-3 and TR-3 will be supported with both marketing campaigns and incentives designed to create a national dealer network.

CFO, and co-owner, David Young brings a long, proven history of operational and financial management of small and large companies. With 37 years in the Defense Services business, Dave has served as CFO, CEO, President and Board Chairman for multiple private and public companies. Dave brings to Tanom Motors a wealth of experience in capital financing, mergers and acquisitions, and day-to-day operations.