The LightSpeed Holoshift™ head-up display tachometer, shift warning light, and oil pressure and temperature alarms will excite auto enthusiasts and competitors in all segments of the automotive world.

Featuring an ultra-bright LED display that is easily visible in any lighting condition and can be viewed with all types of sunglasses, the Holoshift operates with virtually any engine configuration from 4 to 12 cylinders.

The virtual tachometer counts up in increments of 500 RPM, displaying yellow LEDs until the pre-set shift point is reached and the red shift warning light appears. Three LEDs under the tach are oil pressure and temperature indicators. A central green LED indicates that both are in normal operating ranges. Yellow LEDs provide warnings for low oil pressure or high engine temperature.

When the special drag racing feature is engaged, the three lights under the tach take on a different function. In drag-racing “launch mode,” the yellow LEDs indicate that engine speed is 250 RPM above or below the pre-set launch setting, and a center green LED indicates “ready to launch.”

Try out an interactive Holoshift™ demo at Lightspeed Automotive Technology’s Booth 11971, in the Mobile Electronics Section, North Hall. The Holoshift™ will also appear in the New Products Display.

Contact: www.lightspeedautotech.com / ma.chapman@lightspeedautotech.com