Tagged under:, your automotive marketplace, is proud to announce the debut of its rebuilt website at the 2012 SEMA Show, in Las Vegas, NV.

“We’re really excited to be a part of the 2012 SEMA Show,” Pat Wood, director of operations for Ahwooga said. “We’ve been to SEMA before, but this year we’re bringing something that’ll knock everyone's socks off.”

The driving force behind Ahwooga’s rebuild is knowing what our users want in an automotive marketplace - the ability to buy and sell new and aftermarket automotive parts without bidding and high seller fees. Our philosophy is “keep it simple” and we have stuck by that saying when rebuilding the new site.

Some of the site’s new features include a new look, easy-to-use buyer and seller platform, bulk upload and bulk edit capabilities and no listing fees. Ahwooga also added an automotive blog and updated their social media capabilities to help buyers and sellers connect.

“Ahwooga is more than an automotive marketplace,” Joe Chirco, founder of Ahwooga said. “When people think automotive parts or what’s going on in the automotive industry, we want them to think Ahwooga.”

In 2009, Chirco made a phone call that changed his life. Sales at his online automotive store were strong, but the major online bidding site who hosted his store was cutting into his profits with expensive seller fees. Chirco called the major bidding site for an explanation, but was told: “If you don’t like our policies, please feel free to start your own online marketplace.” He decided to take their advice, and was born.

The sound “ahwooga” comes from the car horn battle cry of the late-20s Ford Model A, commonly heard on city streets and country roads across a pre-WWII America. Much like the innovations Ford Motors made with the Model A, we’ve rebuilt our original website to be an innovator in the online automotive marketplace.

To find out more about Ahwooga or schedule an interview with Joe Chirco or Pat Wood, please call Austin Counts at 520-808-8531 or send an email to