Wilwood’s new DynaPro Rear Drag Kits with Lug-Drive Dynamic Mount Rotors

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Wilwood Engineering has just introduced an all new series of DynaPro caliper rear axle drag kits that provide state of the art braking technology for all Sportsman category drag racers. The key element in these new brake systems is the boltless, lug driven, dynamic mount forged aluminum hat and lightweight stainless alloy drilled rotor assemblies that make these the most reliable, accurate, durable, warp resistant, low-drag, and trouble free rear axle drag kits ever offered.

Dynamic rotor mounting, or “float” mounting as it is sometimes referred to, allows the rotors and hats to move independently of each other as the two dissimilar metals expand and contract through their respective heat cycles and individual thermal expansion rates. This eliminates the thermally induced stresses and subsequent distortion that can occur when the two parts are rigidly fixed to each other with traditional rotor bolts. The rotors are able to run flatter and truer, giving better service life over the long haul with less drag, no pad knock-back, better pad wear, and more consistent pedal feel. Consequently, the hats also retain their dimensions as the stresses of a very hot steel rotor trying to shrink against them are eliminated. All problems associated with thermal distortion, including bolt hole alignment issues when trying to install a new rotor on a previously used hat, are eliminated.

Assembly of the forged aluminum hat and stainless steel rotor assembly is essentially a snap with the use of a large, single internal snap-ring that retains the rotor drive lugs within the hat. The internal snap ring, as opposed to an external ring, provides increased security the faster the rotor spins. Replaceable stainless steel inserts in the hat maintain a light amount of spring tension on the rotor while protecting the hat from wear that would otherwise occur when brake torque is applied. Eliminating the rotor bolts and drilling the already lightweight stainless alloy rotors make these the lightest rotating steel rotor brake systems available.

Clamping force and friction are provided by DynaPro series forged and machined billet calipers fitted with CM compound - Composition Metallic brake pads. DynaPro calipers are the class of the field generating high clamping force with long service life from four corrosion resistant and heat retardant stainless steel pistons and high temperature seals in each caliper. Quick-E-Clip pad retainers, four corner bleed screws, and replaceable SRS bridge plates simplify caliper and pad service while adding to their long term durability. CM compound pads are specially formulated for high temperature use with stainless steel and other specialty alloy rotors that naturally run at higher temperatures than conventional steel or iron rotors. CM pads provide positive response, long wear, and high friction without fade during high heat cycles at the end of the track.

The caliper mounting brackets are machined from a premium grade, heat treated aluminum alloy featuring steel thread inserts for the highest degree of retention strength and reliability. High strength steel bolts, alignment shims, and all other necessary hardware are provided to mount the brake kits on the rear axle. Single mount caliper kits for four wheel disc cars, and dual mount caliper kits for rear axle brake only dragsters, provide the ultimate in stopping power, performance and safety.