DoMore Truck ™ Company to debut the all new CamStep and GrabBar!


The company that brought you The DoMore Truck Slide Step (the original DEBO Step®) just took another step up. DoMore Truck™ Company is proud to announce the addition of the CamStep and the GrabBar to their line of pickup truck accessories. Check them out this year in the New Product Showcase at SEMA 2012!

The DoMore Truck™ CamStep is an all new side step available for most full size pickup trucks and can mount to either side of your truck! Great for reaching tool boxes, cargo racks and reaching into the truck bed. It operates with cam action and mounts permanently under your truck and has easy one hand operation. The CamStep mounts to the frame of your truck in front of your rear tire on both sides and has an OEM look when stowed. Once it is extended, the cam path feature locates the step in the optimum position for you to reach over the side of the bed. When you’re finished just lift the step pad and push it back up along the cam path until it latches.
The CamStep is made of welded steel construction, e-coated for durability with a treaded rubber step pad for a non-slip surface. Guaranteed to hold 400 lbs, all black to blend out of sight and made in the USA!

The DoMore Truck™ GrabBar is a handle that mounts on the inside of your truck box, to the post wall by the tailgate. To use, drop the tailgate and swing the GrabBar out to the extended position over the tailgate. It will lock into place so you can grab onto it for that extra stability needed to get into your truck bed. When not in use, the GrabBar stows along the inside of the tailgate for easy access and for regular use. Drop the tailgate and its right there! If you need it completely out of the way for loading large items or for gooseneck and 5th wheel trailers, it swings in along the side of the bed, under the bed rail. This allows you to haul loads without worrying about the GrabBar being in the way.
This product is great for anyone who has knee, hip or back issues or simply needs a little extra help to access their truck bed. Use the GrabBar with the DoMore Truck™ SlideStep so you can do more with your truck bed. Made in the USA!

For more information about the DoMore Truck™ SlideStep and GrabBar or any other DoMore Truck™ products, please visit or call 262-709-6825.

Vicki Statz, Marketing Manager
DoMore Truck Company, LLC
120 North Grand Avenue
Hartford, WI 53027