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September 16, 2014 - 1:51am

BSTFLEX Fiberglass T6 Turbo Blanket Materials:
-Silicone Impregnated Fiberglass Outer Shell
-Calcium Magnesium Silicate Wool Inner Core
(secured with Stainless Steel Wire Mesh)
-Stainless Steel Capstan Rivets

September 16, 2014 - 1:54am

Titanium T4 Turbo Blanket Materials:
With an outer layer made from actual pulverized volcanic lava rock (continuous-filament basalt) formed into fabric and woven into a tight mesh weave, these turbo blankets are internally insulated with...

September 16, 2014 - 5:13am

This Corrugated Heat Protection Tube is made by aluminium, stainless steel, coated glass-fibre, PET-Fleece, paper, insulation material.

2 layer, 3 layer, or more layer aluminum foil is available. This Aluminum Heat Protection Tube can be...

September 16, 2014 - 5:23am

BSTFLEX Ningguo BST Thermal Products Co.,Ltd is a company in the leading position of high temperature protection material production. We integrate the R & D, manufacture and sales of heat protection products in China. Our products feature...

September 12, 2014 - 3:16pm

Colored Fiberglass Exhaust Wrap features a color coating which not only gives your vehicle that custom look, but it also increases the life of the colored exhaust wrap by as much as 3 times! Wrapping the exhaust system with our colored exhaust...

September 12, 2014 - 3:18pm

500°F/260°C Continuous Exposure: Higher Intermittent
AS1072 Grade Aerostyle Fire Sleeve

Aerostyle Fire Sleeve was specially developed to meet the fire resistance requirements of FAATSO - C53a OR TSO - C75.

Aerostyle Fire...

September 12, 2014 - 3:20pm

500°F/260°C Continuous Exposure: Higher Intermittent
Fire sleeve with velcro

Fire sleeve with velcro is knitted or braided high bulk glass fiber sleeve with VCO hook-and-loop closure. Ideal choice for easy retrofits. We provide nylon...

September 13, 2014 - 4:57pm

Heat Cleaned Exhaust Wrap is made by fiberglass materials, it will not lose color ever.

Wrapping headers and down pipes is an important first step in reducing unwanted and power-robbing under hood heat. Less under hood heat results in a...

September 14, 2014 - 3:43pm

Speedmaster79 the new and Improved Brand and Name of Procomp Electronics. We have New Management & New Look. With our online presence and wholesale distribution we have gone to a more traditional style of distribution. With ProComp focusing...

September 15, 2014 - 1:34am

Heat Shield Tape With Adhesive is a fiberglass composite tape with a strong adhesive that wraps around your wires and hoses to protect from blazing heat that can deteriorate or melt the plastic on your hoses, wires, and cables resulting in...

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