DeatschWerks injectors just got bigger… a lot bigger

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Oklahoma City – August 15, 2012 - DeatschWerks has added the 2200cc Bosch EV14 fuel injectors to their extensive sport compact, European and modern muscle fuel injector lines. DeatschWerks is releasing their version of the high-flow EV14 injector with two important improvements – data and fitment.

The E85-compatible* DeatschWerks EV14s are offered as drop-in fitment sets for many of the best selling applications (listed below). Drop-in fitment dramatically simplifies installation. But perhaps the most important difference is the data that comes with each and every DeatschWerks 2200cc EV14 set. Each set is flow-balanced at 5 different pulse widths, and then that data is provided in a custom report along with comprehensive battery offset data. This data package allows for easier tuning and results in better idle, drivability and power than the competitors’ injectors. DeatschWerks has raised the bar again.

The DeatschWerks 2200cc Bosch EV14 injectors are now available for purchase at your local dealer or at for the following applications at $839 for a set of four and $1199 for a set of six:

Subaru Legacy GT, STi and WRX
Mitsubishi DSM, EVO 8/9 and EVO X
Acura RSX, TSX & Integra B/D/H series
Nissan 350z, 370z, R35 GT-R and Skyline NEO
Dodge SRT-4
Infiniti G35 and G37

Honda B/D/H series, S2000 and K-series

*The Bosch EV14 injectors are not for use with MTBE oxygenated fuels

All DeatschWerks fuel injectors come with a 12-month comprehensive warranty. More information about the exciting 2200cc EV14s can be found at

About DeatschWerks

DeatschWerks (DW) is a manufacturer and supplier of premium aftermarket performance fuel injectors and fuel pumps to wholesalers, dealers and at the retail level. DW provides application-specific fueling solutions - products designed to install directly into the vehicle with no modifications necessary. DeatschWerks product lines serve more than 100 vehicle models in both the import and domestic markets.

DeatschWerks prides itself on industry-leading quality, innovation and meeting our customers’ needs. Established in 2005, the company is privately owned and operates out of Oklahoma City, OK. For more information about DeatschWerks, visit our website at

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