FAST™ EZ-EFI® Engine & Transmission Control Kits For Transplant LS Gen III/IV Powertrains



Memphis, TN Innovator of EFI technology develops full line of complete solution EZ-EFI® engine and transmission control kits for LS Gen III/IV powertrains.

The new EZ-EFI® Kits allow anyone to easily run a GM LS Gen III/IV engine and transmission outside of their original vehicle and factory controller. The FAST™ kits are the perfect “no headache” and “no expert required” complete solution for transplanting late-model engines into customs, street rods, muscle cars or other projects. Everything is covered, from fuel to spark and from engine through electronic transmission. The optional package stages allow you to select the right level of kit based on your individual needs. The kits are available in four different options: Engine Kits; Engine Kits with EZ-TCU™ Transmission Controller; Engine & Manifold Kits; and Engine & Manifold Kits with EZ-TCU™ Transmission Controller. The Engine Kit combines the revolutionary self tuning EZ-EFI® with the bolt-on XIM™ coil-on plug ignition to give LS applications the easiest, self tuning electronic fuel injection system available. The Engine with Transmission Control Kit combines the EZ-EFI® and XIM™ with the EZ-TCU™ for maximum control over shift points, shift firmness and shift speed, all without a laptop or tuning experience. The Engine & Manifold Kit adds the FAST™ LSXRT™ Intake Manifold, Big Mouth Throttle Body™, fuel rails, sensors and more for an easy extra 30+ horsepower gain. For a complete powertrain control package, the Engine & Manifold Kit With EZ-TCU™ offers the most advanced engine management system on the market today. This kit combines the EZ-EFI®, XIM™, EZ-TCU™, LSXRT™ Manifold, Big Mouth Throttle Body™ and fuel rails. Three versions of each kit are available: a basic kit with no fuel pump; a complete kit with inline fuel pump system; and a complete kit with an in-tank fuel pump system. All kits work with stock ignition coils (coils and coil harness not included – all OEM and aftermarket coils are compatible, except D585 truck coils). Kits include OEM quality FAST™ sensors and fuel injectors (where applicable). No matter what level of LS engine control you are looking for, FAST™ has an EZ solution for you.

Quick Facts

Product: FAST™ EZ-EFI® LS Engine & Transmission Control Kits

Part Number: Application Specific

Street Price: Call For Pricing

Social Media Pitch: FAST™ EZ-EFI® Engine & Transmission Control Kits offer multiple options for delivering maximum electronic control to LS Gen III/IV engines


Features & Benefits:

·         Kits come with everything required for safer, easier electronic control of an LS Gen III/IV transplant engine

·         EZ-EFI® system tunes itself as you drive; no laptop or tuning experience required for use

·         XIM™ ignition enables programmable control, independent of fuel delivery or factory computer

·         EZ-TCU™ is fully configured and ready to run out of the box – no tuning or laptop necessary

·         LSXRT™ Intake Manifold, Big Mouth Throttle Body™ & fuel rail kits add an extra 30+ HP to any engine

About FAST™

In 2001, FAST™ was acquired by the COMP Performance Group™ and moved its headquarters to Memphis, TN, to become the popular electronics company that we know today. After more than a decade in the performance aftermarket industry, FAST™ is the recognized leader in advanced EFI technology and has the components to adapt virtually any engine to fuel injection. With the latest in easy-to-use EFI performance parts, the experts at FAST™ have everything that you need to make high-tech horsepower. Additional information about FAST™ and its products can be found at or at 1.877.334.8355. Also visit us on Facebook at, on Twitter at or on YouTube at

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