COMP Cams® Sprint Car Front Drive Kit For LS Engines


Memphis, TN − The Sprint Car Front Drive Kit for LS Applications works with both the RHS® LS Race Block and GM LS blocks with no modifications to the block necessary.

Sprint Cars equipped with LS engine technology now have a gear drive made just for them. Designed for both the Racing Head Service® LS Race Block and all other LS based OEM or aftermarket GM blocks, the new COMP Cams® Sprint Car Front Drive Kit for LS Engines bolts directly to the existing engine block with no new parts to buy or modifications needed. The only Sprint Car style gear drive on the market, this kit is also used to mount Sprint Car style oil pumps, water pumps and magnetos. There is no need for new pumps, as the kit is designed to work with the current standard pumps, including those currently running on Small Block Chevys that can be switched over to the LS. Meanwhile, the kit also features oil passages that provide oiling directly to the gears and bearings, and the gears themselves are designed from 9310 premium steel. The kit utilizes integrated adapters for AN fittings on water passages, and the cover is cast from aluminum and CAD designed to be both lightweight and extremely strong. Finally, the kit features integrated optional cam and crank sensors. Designed and proven for racing duty, the COMP Cams Sprint Car Front Drive Kit For LS Engines is the first and only fully engineered, bolt-on assembly providing proper and reliable solution for cam thrust bearings, distributor/magneto, oil pump, water pump, camshaft/crank timing and gear drive.  


Quick Facts

Product:  Sprint Car Front Drive Kit for LS Engines

Part Number: #5490 (Kit for RHS® LS Block);

 #5491(Kit for GM LS Block)

Street Price: Call for Pricing

Social Media Pitch: The COMP Cams® Sprint Car Front Drive Kit For LS Engines works with the RHS® Race Block and GM LS block with no modifications necessary

Features & Benefits:

·         Only kit of its kind on the market today, works as both a gear drive & is used to mount Sprint Car-style oil pumps, water pumps & magnetos

·        Works with both RHS® LS Race & standard GM LS blocks, no modification to block or new parts necessary

·         Oil passages provide oiling directly to the gears & bearings, gears made from 9310 premium steel

·         Cast from aluminum, designed to be extremely strong while maintaining light weight

About COMP Cams®

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