Mustang 4.6l 3V Intake Manifold featured in the New Product by cp-e™ and JPC Racing


Custom Performance Engineering along with JPC racing is proud to bring to SEMA the Full Cast Aluminum Mustang Intake manifold for the 4.6l 3V motor.

Featured at SEMA 2011 in the New Product section - the manifold is a great achievement for the smaller aftermarket businesses - engineering and manufacturing a full cast aluminum manifold using the latest in CAD/CAM technolgoy.

The manifold has proven to have the best gains on the market over the competition, excelling especially in forced induction application.

Long runners with full velocity stacks, billet CNC thottle adapters, CNC fuel rail mounts, precision machined flanges, IMRC delete intergrated and more create a superb combination of precision engineering to come up with the manifold and the results.

Come by booth 21732 or visit the showcase and to get more information on the setup.


Custom Performance Engineering is a small USA manufacturer, specializing in forced indcution vehicles and aerospace. Keeping in house manufacturing, including CNC machinging and bending, robotic welding, welding and fabrication and the latest in reverse engineering and development and more.