Truck-Lite Adds Auxiliary Work & Spot Lamps to 7” Round LED Product Offering


Truck-Lite Adds Auxiliary Work & Spot

Lamps to 7” Round LED Product Offering


October, 2011, Falconer, New York - - With an overwhelming response to the World’s First 7” Round LED Head Lamp, Truck-Lite is announcing the release of complimentary 7” round LED Auxiliary Work & Spot Lamps.  These new lighting products provide the end-user with high output beam patterns, supplying a general and long distance illumination, while offering the extended life and energy efficiency of light emitting diode technology.


Much like the 7” Round LED Headlamp, the auxiliary spot & work lamps were driven by the success and popularity of a similar military design and it’s robust, battle proven construction.  Available in 12 & 24 volt versions, the ten diode lighting pattern means brighter, crisper and whiter light output than incandescent alternatives, which has since become standard among Truck-Lite LED products. 


The spot lamp generates a long, narrow light pattern, illuminating objects in the distance, whereas the work lamp creates a rectangular pattern, more suitable for general auxiliary use.  The lamps provide a peak candlepower output of 3,000 for the work lamp and 45,000 for the spot lamp, in turn generating a massive amount of light.


“Recognizing the potential in our white lighting technology, these lamps now offer the general and long distance illumination that many of the current products out there on the market fall short of providing for the end-user.” stated John Howells, Truck-Lite’s VP of Sales, “The US Military has put thousands of these work & spot lamps to the test in the harshest battle conditions in Iraq & Afghanistan.  The product is tank-tough and can withstand rugged terrain to extreme weather challenges most lamps succumb to.  With tremendous feedback, we look to expand upon the advancements made in forward lighting and will continue to grow the success of this line.”


Much like the LED Headlamp, the spot and work series creates a white light, closer to the color temperature of daylight, in turn improving overall visibility.  These solid-state lamps are a great solution to applications in need of additional lighting.  The lamps are composed of epoxy encapsulated electronics, resistant to damage from shock & vibration.  The hard-coated, non-yellowing, polycarbonate lens also offers 30 times more impact strength than glass.  The 7” Round Auxiliary work & spot lamp’s robust design, coupled with the heavy duty mounting is ideal for off-road, construction, agricultural and utility applications.  The versatility of this lamp provides superior LED technology in a 7” round package.


In addition, Truck-Lite also offers several mounting options for the 7” round auxiliary lamp series.  The heavy duty brackets and hardware have undergone an electro-coat process, providing a more uniform finish as well as 1000 hours of corrosion protection.  Both lamps can now be installed using an Integrated Mounting Bracket, the 00872 short bracket or the 00874 long bracket.  The Integrated Mounting Bracket is essentially a modified housing, which incorporates its own mounting bracket that attaches onto the base of the lamp.  The short & tall brackets are offered to enclose the standard lamps, providing a ½” mounting hole to secure the brackets to the application.


Truck-Lite Co., Inc. is headquartered in Falconer New York, with additional manufacturing facilities in Wellsboro, Coudersport, and McElhattan, Pennsylvania, as well as Birmingham and Harlow England, and other facilities around the world. Truck-Lite is a major producer of signal lighting, forward lighting, wiring harnesses, mirrors, turn signal switches, and safety accessories to the heavy duty truck, trailer, and commercial vehicle industries.


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