7” Trailer Ramps with Flap Cut-Out Provide a Better Fit for Your Needs



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7” Trailer Ramps with Flap Cut-Out

Part#: RR-TR-7-FLP 

Dimensions: 74” long x 7” high x 14” wide (with 5.2° incline)

Suggested List Price: $383.00


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7” Trailer Ramps with Flap Cut-Out Provide a Better Fit for Your Needs


Brute Industries, Inc. proves once again that their trailer ramp solutions can’t be matched. Introducing the Race Ramps 7” Trailer Ramps with Flap Cut-Out, which are designed for enclosed trailer doors that incorporate an extension flap. Trailer Ramps are designed to safely and easily get low ground clearance vehicles on and off trailers without scraping, and are a safe alternative to wooden planks and other unsafe methods of reducing ramp angle of approach. Simply place the trailer door on the notch of these specially designed ramps to reduce ramp angle of approach to 5.2°. Cut-outs in the ramps provide a nesting place for up to a 16” flap. 7” Trailer Ramps with Flap Cut-Out can accommodate tires up to 12” wide. Trailer Ramps use Brute Industries’ patented super lightweight 100% solid construction technology to ensure ramps are highly durable, unscootable, and very stable - with the ability to support a 6,000 lb. vehicle. The ramps’ textured coating prevents sliding, and won’t scratch or otherwise damage floors. Trailer Ramps are lightweight, and have built-in straps for easy transport, and hanging on a wall. Trailer Ramps are easy to clean and won’t rust.


Other Trailer Ramps available (without flap cut-out):


RR-TR-4 - 46" long x 4" high x 14" wide (with 5.5° incline) - $267.00  

RR-TR-5 - 67" long x 5" high x 14" wide (with 4° incline) - $308.00  

RR-TR-6 - 45" long x 6" high x 14" wide (with 7.8° incline) - $277.00

RR-TR-7 - 74" long x 7" high x 14" wide (with 5.2° incline) - $373.00

RR-TR-8 - 54.75" long x 8" high x 16" wide (with 8.4° incline) - $308.00

RR-TR-8XL - 74" long x 8" high x 14" wide (with 6.6° incline) - $440.00


Custom Trailer Ramps are also available, and can be made to meet the user’s exact size requirements.


For more information visit SEMA booth# 21224, or www.raceramps.com