Pareto Point Industries Launches HEVAC – A Heat Evaporation Chamber for smaller engine Oil Bypass Filtration Systems


Working closely with Marine Oil Technology (MOT), a Los-Angeles based company that provides the heavy vehicle, construction, and other large equipment markets relying on recirculating oil with fine filtration, PPI introduces a Heat Evacuation Chamber (HEVAC), designed to work with smaller engine oil bypass filtration systems.

“We have modified the MOT Oil Rerefiner, a patented product that removes liquid contamination from oil, and priced it to fit the smaller engine market.   This makes the products we already offer even more robust and attractive to fleet maintenance managers and others wanting more complete engine protection,” says PPI’s President, Adan Reinosa, P.E.  “The HEVAC is an affordable additional component to our existing PBF Systems.  One problem we hear from end-users, particularly those using CNG, Diesel, or certain other fuels, is that they often have problems with liquid contamination as well as solid, and we wanted to offer them an alternative.”

Reinosa concludes that “while our current PBF systems do an excellent job of trapping solid contaminants, down to two microns, HEVAC brings an additional level of protection to the smaller engine market.  Bringing HEVAC to this market provides virtually all of the benefits and features that have been in place in Class-8 and other heavy vehicle engines for many years.  Again, this is accomplished with no engine modification and at what we believe to be the most aggressive and competitive pricing available.” 

The HEVAC system can be easily integrated with PPI’s TopDog V and ProDog Parallel-Flow Oil Bypass Filtration Systems.   Since it will be sold as a separate component, it can also be utilized by many other bypass filtration systems. 

HEVAC is another of PPI’s affordable and green products that are made for the automotive aftermarket or any other industry using recirculating oil. 

Pareto Point Industries is a US manufacturer of oil management products that are affordable and green.  A twist to an established technology makes PPI’s products easy and fast to install, and require no engine modification.  

Continuously clean oil facilitates optimal engine performance, resulting in better mileage, lower emissions, deferral of major component failure, and a longer life cycle.  Our focus is providing engine asset protection for racing, off-road, enthusiast, and light fleet vehicles.   Please visit our website at   Our contact phone number is 323 726-2199.

Marine Oil Technology (MOT), based in Los Angeles, was founded in 1999 by several of the industry’s leading engineers and geologists.   The company markets oil reconditioning and fuel processing equipment for all types of engines, hydraulics, and other recirculating oil equipment.  MOT’s innovative, patented filtering technologies are built to meet the demands of a green society.  MOT has a strategic relationship with Clean Oil Technology (COT), based in Sweden.  Visit our website at   Our contact number is 323 589-7668.