Grex Announces Private Stock™ Fluid Acrylic Color System


Alhambra, CA — October 14, 2011 — Grex Airbrush will be showing for the first time at the SEMA Show this year the Private Stock™ Fluid Acrylic Color System.

Private Stock™ represents the most universal system of high performance fluid acrylics designed for maximum benefit over a wide range of different substrates artist may choose from. They are made to give the artist highly detailed execution over its performance based on every artist's unique demands, styles, and techniques.

Private Stock™ flows as smoothly as solvent based products allowing consistent clean thin lines, virtually no tip dry, no clogging, no fish eye and no spider-webbing. This product accepts an array of solvent based clear coatings without the typical hassles of crazing and burning often associated with solvents on water-born acrylics. The most precise details can be achieved even when moving from fine nozzle airbrushes to much larger spray guns. Superior atomization and user control for the discerning artist.

Private Stock™ is fully water-based non-toxic and eco-friendly acrylic colorants that conform to ASTM D4236  standards. Only the most premium ingredients are used. There is no room for functional or non-functional filler or cheap pigments. In thin film applications, every drop of every ingredient must be pro-active and laser effective in its duty.

Each pigment is based on the merit of purity, strength, performance, light-fastness and safety. All pigments exhibit the highest potential for Light Fast Values per color without introducing heavy metals or known toxins that could be harmful to you or the environment.

Private Stock™ is precision manufactured for accurate and repeatable mixing of an infinite color spectrum. This top quality color system also includes a comprehensive range of modifiers that allow you to change the properties of the paints and create a variety of special effects. Finally, a highly adjustable, yet streamlined color system that puts you in the driver seat.

Private Stock™ is designed for artist control using as few modifiers as needed. A comprehensive range of revolutionary modifiers allows the artist to easily transition from surface to surface and to create a variety of special effects and finishes. No more multiple paint types sitting around and less hassles. Even though they're built from the ground up to flawlessly spray though an airbrush,they can also be applied with a painters brush. Revolutionary and E'volutionary.

Private Stock™ and EFX™ empowers each artist to be TRUE MASTERS over color. Just bring your imagination!

About Grex Airbrush: Grex's philosophy in offering high quality products have allowed it to gain a well-known reputation worldwide since 1995. Grex continues to spearhead with innovative and original products to surpass the expectations of consumer needs.


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