At Last the Tradition of Spirited Motoring Returns to America…


Fort Worth, Texas – The California Custom Coach 876, a tribute to the 1935-1936 Auburn Speedster, will be unveiled at SEMA in Las Vegas November 1st through November 4th, 2011.

The decade of the 1930’s was an era of magnificent ocean liners, big bands, black tuxedos, voluptuous furniture styling… and splendid automobiles that proudly thundered down the narrow roads and the sweeping drives of estates and country clubs. In short, the 30’s were an era of class. And the classiest automobile of all was the Auburn Boattail Speedster. Today, obtaining one of the 500 or so built between 1935 and 1936 – less than 200 survived – will set a buyer back over half a million dollars for a restored car likely to end up in a collection or a museum, not driven.

The California Custom Coach 876 unveiled at SEMA blends Gordon Buehrig’s iconic design with modern technology. In 1935, oak and steel combined in a fluid shape so arresting that it lives on. Today oak and steel coexist with composite materials and modern American engineering. While the soft-top headers and bows are still hand-made of oak, new directions have been taken with suspension, powertrain and convenience over the original resulting in better handling and performance, and longer durability.

In today's uniform luxury car world, the California Custom Coach 876 may be a revelation. The windshield frame and other exterior trim pieces are solid brass casting covered with restoration quality triple chrome. The interior is tailored in the finest Connolly leather in a choice of 167 different single and two-tone combinations. Floors are carpeted with the world’s finest automotive grade Wilton wool carpeting to harmonize or contrast with the leather selection. Exterior finish is available in over 200 single and two tone combinations in the most durable automotive finish.

 California Custom Coach is striving to offer its customers the perfect balance between the breathtaking original look and the reliability of 21st century technology

The California Custom Coach 876 is now available for orders.


About California Custom Coach

California Custom Coach is based in North Texas. It was originally founded in the mid 1970s in California where it became famous for producing some of the best Auburn Speedster re-creations for over 10 years. The assets of California Custom Coach were acquired by Alex Christodulidis, with the intent to bring California Custom Coach back to its glory days. The California Custom Coach 876 is entirely hand built in North Texas by craftsmen experienced in restoring cars, whose first goal is perfection.                             For more information, pictures, and video please visit

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