Industry Trends & Forecasts: Just Chillin'- Intercooling and Water/Methanol Injection

November 7, 2013 - 3:00pm - 4:00pm
Las Vegas Convention Center, N254

Presented by: Gale Banks, Banks Power

This seminar covers Air to Air, Air to Ice Water, Air-Water-Air, and Air to CO2 Intercooling.  Also covered will be Water Injection and Water/Methanol Injection.  A new method of evaluating the performance of all forms of intercooling will be covered as will intercooler system tuning to optimize their performance in the vehicle.  All forms of Water and Water/Methanol systems for use with engines burning any fuel type will be discussed.  Methods of sensing, mapping, and controlling the injection of these fluids will be presented.  Proper methods for the evaluation of gains in fuel efficiency, reductions in emmisions, and gains in power will be presented.  Installation and optimization of injection nozzles, their tuning, and system programming will be covered.  For an idea that's over 80 years old, Water/Methanol Injection is a surprisingly underdevloped technology.

Gale Banks, President/CEO, Gale Banks Engineering

For more than half a century, Gale Banks has been making cars, trucks and boats faster and more fuel efficient. Gale started his lifelong passion in 1956 at the age of 14 when he modified his mother's Model A Ford, approximately doubling the horsepower. By 1958, Gale started his first engine business in Lynwood, Calif., and later in San Gabriel.

Today Banks is widely known in racing and the aftermarket speed-equipment industry, but obviously this reputation didn’t develop overnight. Over the years, Gale has earned records and titles, starting in 1966 at El Mirage with a C Gas record of 184 mph in a 1953 Studebaker powered by a small block Chevy. In 1978 Bruce Geisler’s Banks Powered Studebaker set a world record at Bonneville averaging 217 mph, powered by a 955 horsepower twin-turbocharged small block Chevy. In 1980 a Banks twin turboed ’68 Corvette upped the record to 240 mph. Then, at Bonneville in 1986, another record was set at 260 mph in a Firebird. Again in 1987 Banks set a record at 268 mph, with a top speed of 283 mph!  This series of world’s fastest passenger car records spanned more than two decades. In the ensuing years, Gale established or was involved in 11 world speed records, including the Teague-Welch-Banks streamliner, the world’s fastest wheel driven automobile with a one way speed record of 432 mph, powered by a blown Chrysler.

Starting in 1976 and for the next five years, Banks took world championships in marine racing, expanding to 12 new championships over the next 16 years. These records were set with drag boats, circle boats, inboard tunnel drive, jet boats and offshore boats. The Banks turbocharged marine engines were so successful they were actually banned in offshore racing.

Banks builds for durability. In 2002 a street-legal Dodge Dakota pick up truck built by Banks and powered by a 735 horsepower, 1,300 lb-ft Cummins 5.9L diesel pulled its own trailer to Bonneville, getting 21 mpg and set the FIA record for “World’s Fastest Pickup Truck” with a two-way average of 217 mph and one-way top speed of 222 mph.  This broke the 1990 204 mph GMC Syclone truck record held by Banks and GMC.

Then, in 2007, the Banks “Sidewinder” S-10 pickup driven by Wes Anderson and powered by a 1,250 horse Banks 866T V-8 diesel racing engine, became the “World’s Quickest and Fastest Diesel Drag Truck” with an NHRDA official 7.77second ET and a top end of 180 mph in the quarter-mile.

During his career, Banks has held the titles of World's Fastest Passenger Car, World's Fastest Pickup, World's Fastest Diesel Drag Racing Truck and even World's Fastest Motorhome. Plus, through the years, his customer’s cars, boats and engines have set records and won events worldwide.

Gale Banks Engineering actually consists of five divisions: Banks Power, Banks Technologies, Banks Marine, Banks Powertrain and Banks Racing. Banks’ customers include Volvo of Sweden, the Buick Division, Robert Bosch Corporation and the Department of Transportation, in addition to performance enthusiasts who want more power plus better fuel efficiency while maintaining vehicle reliability.

In 2009, Gale Banks was honored with a Distinguished Service Citation from the Automotive Hall of Fame, a distinction that has been given annually since 1940. He is the first ever awardee from the automotive aftermarket.

As a Tier 1 engine and powertrain supplier, Gale Banks engines and systems are supplied to the Department of Defense along with defense contractors.

Gale has taught engine design to graduate students at General Motors Institute; the subjects included turbochargers (design and application), intercooling, engine architecture, fuel systems, ignition, exhaust systems, camshafts and more. He recently completed three years on the SEMA Board of Directors, is an advisor for the Automotive X PRIZE and serves on the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum Board. Inventive by nature, Banks holds nine patents covering engine, transmission, braking and exhaust tuning.