SCRS Repairer Driven Education: RD4P - Positioning Your Business: Competing in a Consolidated Marketplace $

November 6, 2013 - 3:00pm - 5:00pm
N239 - 241

Repairer Driven Education, RDE, SCRS, SEMA Show

SCRS REPAIRER DRIVEN EDUCATION (RDE) series will feature seminar offerings. Each of the courses has been individually selected or crafted by SCRS because the content specifically focuses on issues and information that are relevant to collision repair professionals operating in today’s marketplace, and appeals to the diverse array of marketplace perspectives that exist within the collision repair industry.

RD4P - Positioning Your Business: Competing in a Consolidated Marketplace

Presented by Tim Ronak, AkzoNobel Performance Coatings

This session will focus on the details of the current consolidation activity within the Collision Industry. Publicly available information will be shared regarding the pace and growth of consolidation within the US market. Individual organizations need to look at how other industries have reacted to consolidation. A discussion on some industry trends regarding vehicle construction techniques, integrated technology and CAFÉ mile per gallon rules are creating an environment where some niche business opportunities may exist to not only survive, but thrive in the consolidating world. This session will discuss the most current consolidation information available, as of November 2013. From this information some inference will be made as to the path consolidation may take and the impact on the industry at large. Comparison to other industries that have experienced consolidation will be made to identify strategies that were successful within those industries when consolidation reshaped the business model. Participants will have better understanding on how to navigate in this consolidating environment, and insight into survival strategies for themselves.

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