Industry Trends & Forecasts: Ethanol's Effect on Carburetors - What E10 Up To E85 Does To Carburetors

November 5, 2013 - 2:00pm - 3:00pm
Las Vegas Convention Center, N262

Presented by: Lake Speed, Jr., Driven Racing Oil-Joe Gibbs Racing; Michael Miller, Sunoco Race Fuels

Over 90% of pump fuel contains at least some Ethanol, and the EPA has recently raised the allowed level of Ethanol from 10% (E10) up to 15% (E15). These changes have serious consequences for carbureted engines. Modern vehicles are equipped with fuel injection systems, and current fuel standard tests deal with issues related to fuel injection systems. Carburetors in cars, trucks and motorcycles that are rarely driven face issues with Ethanol blended fuels that current pump fuel standards do not address. This session provides information related to the use of Ethanol blended fuels in carbureted engines.