Online Marketing Conference - Opening Keynote: Survival Of The Fittest! Navigating (& Dominating) The Great 2013 Online Marketing Buzz Kill, Powered by ETTN $

November 4, 2013 - 9:00am - 10:00am
Las Vegas Hotel, Ballrooms A & B

Presented by: Marty Weintraub, aimClear

2013 brought tectonic changes to the online marketing industry which transcend even the normal tumultuous evolutionary pace. Yep, the marketing cheese has moved and those of us who don't make the cut may not survive in the industry. Still, most marketers are after similar objectives. Attendees will leave with concepts solidified and new ideas surrounding earning:

  • Targeted, affordable & scalable search and social traffic that leads to conversions at an acceptable cost per action
  • Real links from sites with good domain authority
  • Authentic social signals from real users of actual authority
  • Insulation of our sites from harsh search engine algorithm updates
  • Amplification of public relations to journalists, bloggers, and a myriad of focused media-role users
  • Share of voice measurements that make sense to truly quantify your position against competitors

Join internationally known author, speaker, trainer and agency founder Marty Weintraub as he unravels new SEO, PPC, Social and big data-think paradigms, as apply to our actual day to day marketing jobs. Be at this session or read about it somewhere else.


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