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New Invention is a Step Up for Truck Owners

Patented Elephant Stand™ Provides the New Hitch Solution that Provides an Easy, Swivel and Step for Pickups

If you have a pick-up truck and are constantly dealing with getting into your truck bed, you are probably still scratching your head on why nobody has come up with a simple and easily adaptable solution to this age-old dilemma. Well that search is finally over with the introduction of the patented Elephant Stand™ Swivel Hitch.

Powermaster Performance Presents Full Line of LS Starters

Powermaster Performance of West Chicago, Illinois is proud to offer a full line of light weight, high performance starters for the General Motors, LS series engine. From stock upgrades all the way to 18:1 compression race engines, Powermaster has the LS covered.

Got lifetime FILTERS? Get POWER PIC PRO...the ultimate filter cleaning tool!

Introducing our new products the Power Pic and Power Pic Pro; sturdy aluminum hand tools with patented nozzles specifically designed to clean all types of reusable filters in several major markets, especially automotive.
Simply attach onto a standard garden hose and start saving over 50% of your time, water and money on regular filter maintenance, plus maximize the performance and life of your cartridge filters.

AutoStep LLC "It is your first choice in safety" Go to and check us out.

Check out the first of its kind! The AutoStep is new, light weight, and very durable. It will fit any size tire legally on the road today.
The AutoStep harnesses to your tire and will allow you to work on your vehicle with safety.
It allows you to work at various levels.

PML Is First to Offer Heavy Duty Transmission Pan for 2009 and newer V8 Chevy and GM Trucks and SUVs

Inglewood, CA –PML is excited to be the first to offer a heavy duty transmission pan for the GM 6L80/6L80E transmission. The new pan’s added fluid capacity will help keep your transmission running cool under heavy loads.

Designed for Silverado, Sierra, Avalanche, Escalade, this pan provides two full quarts of additional fluid capacity over the stock 6L80 pan.

This pan features:
• Cast aluminum construction, designed with fins to dissipate heat.
• Thick walls to provide added strength to the transmission housing.
• Drain plug for easier maintenance.

NEW nForce LED Perimeter Lighting

New from SoundOff Signal. The first full-line, tri-color family of perimeter lighting products on the market... designed to integrate aesthetically and functionally with today’s evolved police vehicle designs.

Early in the design phase, SoundOff Signal partnered with Tiger Design Studio to create a theme that would effectively blend with the next generation of vehicles. Tiger Studio incorporated dynamic angles, crisp edges and sleek silhouettes to minimize size and integrate into with new vehicle styling while enhancing the SoundOff Signal brand.

NEW Magnum Lightbar from SoundOff Signal

New from SoundOff Signal. The Magnum™ LED Lightbar is a collaboration of brilliant conspicuity, surprising versatility with a price point guaranteed to fit any budget.

Protect Your Gear With BOLT Padlock 2.0

MILWAUKEE, Wis. – The BOLT® (booth #34198) Padlock 2.0 from STRATTEC® Security Corporation allows enthusiasts to secure all their gear without the hassle of carrying countless extra keys.

Featuring BOLT’s Breakthrough One-Key Lock Technology, the Padlock 2.0 eliminates the need to carry an extra key or memorize combinations by permanently programming to lock and unlock using the vehicle’s ignition key.

A.R.E. Offers X Series Truck Cap for Ford Trucks

MASSILLON, Ohio – A.R.E. (booth #34111) offers its X Series truck cap for current model Ford F-Series trucks.

Firestone Industrial Products Offers Xtra, Xtreme Remote Air Command Products

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Firestone Industrial Products Company, LLC offers two new Air-Rite™ air accessory systems designed to provide an instant air source to Firestone’s complete line of air helper springs.

The new Xtra Duty Remote Air Command™ and Xtreme Duty Remote Air Command Systems each feature a wireless controller for easier installation. They also allow users to remotely adjust their vehicles for varying load conditions and inflate items such as motorcycle, truck and RV tires.

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