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SOVELLA PERFORMANCE SYSTEMS: Durable, Efficient Organization for the Automotive Industry

For over three decades, Sovella Inc. has been a leading manufacturer of industrial workbenches, accessories, and storage systems. Sovella considers the human factor within a workspace, and pays particular attention to the needs of the user in order to gain the most efficiency and productivity within a workspace. The design of Sovella products is also stylish with attention to details for a first-class look. High quality materials and careful design ensure that an investment in Sovella will provide functional solutions for decades.


Titan Lifts is making its SEMA debut in 2013 with products like the HDML-1500XLT motorcycle lift. This lift table might be labeled as a motorcycle lift, but its 102” x 52” work space makes it perfect for heavier ATVs and other power sports vehicles. With a 1,500 lb. capacity and 45” lifting height, this table is perfect for professional garages or the home hobbyist. The 1500XLT lift tables are available with an air/hydraulic power unit or an electric/hydraulic power unit and come with removable front and side extensions, casters, rear wheel drop-out and roller drop-out.

Patek Pneumatics- Professional Automotive Repair Tool Supplier

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We are a Taiwan based company and are commit ourselves to R&D and manufacturing. We are ongoing developing new products and owning many tools with patents. We would like to introduce our new product to you here.

The new product just released to the market recently called AIW-3170. It is a 1/2” air impact wrench with twin hammer. To the professional market, its weight is less than similar products of other brands and its power is the best in class.

Along with new series of air tools are developing, we are sincerely to invite you to take this chance to expand your business with us.

Astro Pneumatic To Feature Their Air Belt Sander at 2013 SEMA Show

South El Monte, CA - Astro Pneumatic Tool Company ( will be featuring their Air Belt Sander (Item # 3035) at the SEMA show in Las Vegas in November 2013. This ground breaking tool is impressively designed to fit the needs of the user. This tool includes a simple belt tension lever with a belt protection guard and a no-slip handle grip for ease of use. In addition, it also features a variable speed control and an increased pulley space for new thicker belts.

Astro Pneumatic To Feature Their Powerful Waterborne Drying Stand at 2013 SEMA Show

South El Monte, CA. - Astro Pneumatic Tool Company ( will be featuring their powerful Waterborne Drying Stand (Item # 8750) at the 2013 SEMA Show. This innovative fan is specially designed to speed-up the drying process for waterborne and other types of paints. It also features an adjustable swivel which supports multiple fan positions allowing for flow to be precisely directed to the desired area.


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Most Innovative Solution for Wire/Cable Management in Years

Mag Daddy™ (Mag Daddy LLC.) has utilized the same Ultra-Strong magnets used in the Aerospace, and Automotive Industries for the first ever high quality Wire/Cable Management solution. A Mag Daddy™ magnet easily sticks through oil, grease, paint, and dirt. After placing a Mag Daddy™ Fastener onto a thick piece of steel, i.e. I-Beam, you would almost swear it was welded on! Solutions to securing carpet, door panel and headliners with the Glue Daddy.


New selection of OER rust treatment products arm enthusiasts with an anti-corrosion chemical arsenal

Huntington Beach, Calif. – For automotive enthusiasts, rust can be troubling. Rust never sleeps. It hides in nooks and crevices, collecting moisture and slowly spreading weakening the structure. Restorers frequently refer to rust as automotive cancer because if it is not detected early, it can cause serious damage. That’s why Classic Industries has unleashed a new line of chemicals to fight corrosion.

A New Abrasive Blasting Machine Can Strip a Car in Only 2 Hours

Traditional abrasive blasting requires expensive containment, and yields only marginal productivity. A company in Houston, Texas however, claims to have changed that with a new type of abrasive blasting system they call the Dustless Blaster.


South El Monte, CA. - Astro Pneumatic Tool Company ( will be featuring their brand new lightweight panel stand (Item # 557012) at the SEMA show in Las Vegas in November 2013. This durable stand features an impressive 300lb. capacity while maintaining its lightweight feel. Its adjustable bumper extension bar allows its size to be custom-fit for your job. When set to a minimum height the stand can be adjusted to 48” with a maximum width of 85” or when set to maximum height, the stand can be set to a height of 68”H with a maximum width of 65” (depending on your preference).

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