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Centerforce Simplifies Your Aftermarket T-56 Swap

Many muscle car owners are looking to the aftermarket to upgrade their transmissions and one of the most popular options for this is the compact, lightweight, and strong Tremec T-56. One of the problems with swapping a modern tranny into your old iron has always been getting a variety of components from different manufacturers to line up and work together. Not having everything perfect can kill your clutch or even worse, that expensive new transmission. Centerforce saw a way to help this situation and created their new long-throw clutch slave and release bearing. This helps to compensate for stacked tolerances and allows for full clutch engagement.

First to Market: The 2015+ Ford Mustang EcoBoost Performance Aluminum Radiator

The Mishimoto Ford Mustang EcoBoost Performance Aluminum Radiator is designed and engineered to reduce coolant temperatures substantially, and to protect your 2015 Mustang from overheating during aggressive driving or hot lapping sessions. It is the ideal upgrade to the stock 2015 EcoBoost Mustang radiator, and will outperform even the upgraded Ford performance package radiator. The Mishimoto Mustang EcoBoost radiator features a large three-row core, 100% brazed aluminum, and polished end tanks, enhancing the overall performance of your engine.

The engineers at Mishimoto designed this EcoBoost radiator with a 72.5% increase in coolant capacity over the base-model radiator, and 53.3% increase in coolant capacity over the larger performance package radiator. This 2015 Mustang radiator also has a 22% increase in coolant surface area, and 50% increase in air surface area over the larger performance package radiator, making it an ideal upgrade to keep your EcoBoost running cool!

Centerforce Gives Older Ford Trucks New Life

Early Ford trucks are known for being trusty workhorses but nothing can last forever and thats especially true of a vehicle’s clutch. Many owners choose to replace their clutch with a stock-style clutch, not knowing that there is a better option available to them and its because of this that Centerforce introduced their Centerforce I model clutch for early Ford trucks. The CF I functions just like a stock clutch only one that’s made better and will last longer. There is no sacrifice in drivability or increase in noise. It’s the perfect replacement clutch for your old workhorse.

Help Your Classic Chevy Truck, Van, or SUV Keep Putting Power to the Ground

Finally there is a modern clutch option for owners of 1962-1995 Chevy and GMC trucks, vans, and SUVs thanks to Centerforce and their Dual Friction clutch. The Dual Friction features a full facing on one side and a puck style facing on the other giving the user the best of both designs. The full face offers smooth engagement and long life while the puck side gives greatly increased holding power. The Centerforce Dual Friction kit includes a new pressure plate, Dual Friction disc, throwout bearing, pilot bearing, alignment tool and even new clutch bolts.

Ford's Newest Pony Car Deserves a Serious Clutch

The 2015 Mustang has taken the performance car market by storm. Centerforce knows that people are going to go power crazy on these things and as such decided to introduce Dual Friction, DFX, and DYAD multi-disc clutches for the 2015 Mustang GT. The Dual Friction is perfect for the owner with light to moderate modifications who refuses to sacrifice drivability. The DFX is perfect for those cars that will spend a significant portion of their life on track. The DYAD multi-disc clutch is ideal for those Mustang owners who plan to go power crazy thanks to its ability to reliably hold over 1300 lb-ft of torque without any of the noise or drivability compromises that were typically associated with multi-disc clutch setups.


New this year from Centerforce is a Dual Friction clutch kit and lightweight SFI approved flywheel for the Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S. The Dual Friction clutch when combined with the lightweight flywheel drastically change the personality of the Toyobaru twins by helping to improve the response of its unique 2.0L flat four. The Dual Friction also opens the possibility of power increases to owners without having to worry about damaging the stock clutch or transmission. The Dual Friction clutch, lightweight flywheel, and Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S are a perfect match!

Centerforce Debuts Clutches for 6-Cylinder Nissan/Infiniti

Centerforce is pleased to introduce several new clutches for Nissan and Infiniti cars equipped with either the VG or VQ36 engines. These include a Centerforce I model for those expecting to keep their power and torque levels as stock and simply want a better engineered and longer lasting replacement. They also introduced a Dual Friction model for those owners with mild to moderate modifications who want to dramatically increase clamp load and life without sacrificing daily drivability. Lastly they introduced a DFX clutch for those hard core track rats that wouldn’t necessarily mind a couple of drivability sacrifices in the name of ultimate performance.

Cange your oil clean and fast with no tools, bleed your brakes with 30% better results

Stahlbus USA presents
The Stahlbus Oil Drain Valve replaces the existing drain plug and provides a faster, safer and cleaner way of performing oil changes. With the Stahlbus bleeder valve you have 30% better brake bleeding results and
without needing a second person .

Smart Collet SC20 Carrier & Pinion Bearing Pullers

Our patented Smart Collet carrier & pinion bearing pullers make short work of most any carrier & pinion removal including the Dana 80 and big rig differentials. No damage or misalignment to your bearings, bearing journals or pinion shafts!

Easily remove carrier & pinion bearings in as little as twenty seconds! Huge increase in productivity and quality. Remove your bearings without the worry of damaging them. Pull standard bearings or ceramic bearings.

Custom tooling available upon request for your special applications.

Stop by and see Mike at our booth and let him show you the effortless operation and speed of our pullers and installers. All the above benefits with increased safety factor as well.

QA1 Introduces New Mopar Products, Including Revolutionary Rear Suspension Conversion System

QA1 is proud to introduce two new Mopar products: the new revolutionary Mopar Rear Suspension Conversion System, a bolt-in conversion from leaf springs to coil-overs, and a front sway bar to complete QA1’s offering for the front of your Mopar.

Available for 1967-1979 Mopar A-body vehicles with an 8 3/4” rear axle assembly, the Mopar Rear Suspension Conversion System replaces leaf springs with a 6-link suspension. The 6 links replicate the geometry of the tried-and-true 4-link while still mounting to the existing locations on the chassis.

“This system provides an easy, bolt-in option to replace your leaf springs without having to do any cutting, welding or fabricating,” said Dan Voight, QA1 Motorsports Sales Manager. “Now you can get the performance that comes with coil-over shocks without taking a torch to your Mopar.”

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