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VialleUSA Launches LPG/Autogas Conversions

VialleUSA recently joined SEMA. We are bringing to the Americas Vialle’s 45 year successful track record of alternative energy technology and the experience from a 33% market penetration in the conversion of vehicles to use Autogas. We are currently establishing training facilities for installers and will be contracting with interested parties to franchise distribution, sales and servicing to individual consumers and fleet operators.

There are huge benefits to be derived by resellers from this dynamic growth market with end users receiving significant cost savings in fuel expenses with an environmentally friendly option to using gasoline, while the installer makes substantial profits from this line of business.

EZ_ON Hose press

Group Therapy
Koultools Is releasing it's latest tool to assemble
push on hose assemblies. The tool will install -4 thru -16 push on hose in seconds.
The best news is it will install any angle fitting. Go to booth 23682 and check it out in person.

MagnaFlow Launches Performance & Off-Road Header Line

If you look under the hood of Grave Digger, Robby Gordon′s SST Trucks, Vaughn Gittin Jr.′s Monster RTR Mustang, or dozens of other high performance race vehicles, you′ll see more than just a powerful engine. You′ll also see custom headers built by MagnaFlow. For more than a decade, MagnaFlow has been building high performance custom headers for both on and off-road race drivers. Now, the same header technology and performance that′s been available exclusively to Team MagnaFlow is available for the enthusiast.

MagnaFlow Performance & Off-Road Headers are built with the same dedication to precision, power and quality as MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust Systems. From the manifold to the tip, MagnaFlow gives your vehicle the performance and sound it deserves.

Learn more about the header line and available applications during the MagnaFlow Header Press Conference at SEMA; November 7th at 9am in booth #23543.

Quick Fuel Technology Adds 600 CFM Carb To It's Black Diamond Series

BOWLING GREEN, KY – Quick Fuel Technology™ (QFT™) produces several versions of 600 cfm performance carbs from the Hot Rod Series to the affordable Slayer™ Series. However, none of QFT’s current carburetors address the direct replacement requirements, including a single fuel inlet and side-hung fuel bowls. Quick Fuel’s newest carburetor, Part # BD-1957, addresses these issues, plus is packed full of QFT’s exclusive features such as QuickSet™ vacuum secondaries, Black Diamond™ high temperature coating and a fully adjustable electric choke.

Quick Fuel Technology's Quick Kits Restore New Carburetor Performance

BOWLING GREEN, KY -- After a hard season of racing, your Quick Fuel Technology® (QFT) performance carburetor may need a little TLC. QFT’s Quick Kits are all you need for a quick rebuild to restore your carburetor to like-new performance. Race fuel additives can deteriorate many “soft” carburetor parts like needle and seat assemblies, power valves, pump diaphragms and gaskets. Performance may slowly fall off, and it is hard to pinpoint why.

Quick Fuel Technology Releases New High Capacity Fuel Filters

BOWLING GREEN, KY – Fuel filters are typically an after thought when it comes time to design your fuel system. That’s okay because Quick Fuel Technology® (QFT) has designed a pair of fuel filters (canister and inline) that make selecting the correct filter foolproof. They can be used for both carbureted and high-pressure fuel injection systems. These filters are also compatible with most fuels including gas, alcohol and E85, and they are available with various sized filtering media, depending upon application. Despite their superior filtering capabilities, these filters are designed for maximum flow with pressure drops of less than 1 PSI at 1,500 pounds-per-hour of fuel flow.

Quick Fuel Technology Introduces New 2- and 4-Port Billet Fuel Pressure Regulators

BOWLING GREEN, KY – Quick Fuel Technology® (QFT) has released two new fuel pressure regulators that feature hard-coat anodized billet housings and internal components that are compatible with gas, alcohol and E85 fuels. Additional protection against corrosion and deterioration include Flourocarbon diaphragms, Viton® O-rings, stainless steel pins, brass valve guides and hard-coat anodized diaphragm plates. The 2-port model is rated for up to 650hp, and the 4-port version is intended for applications producing in excess of 650hp.
QFT’s 2-port billet regulator (PN 30-7025) features a #10 AN inlet port and two #8 AN outlet ports. It provides a fuel pressure adjustment of 5-8 PSI. It can be rebuilt with QFT Rebuild Kit (PN 30-7303).

Quick Fuel Technology Introduces 4 New High Output Fuel Pumps

BOWLING GREEN, KY – Quick Fuel Technology® (QFT) has set new standards for racing fuel pumps with its revolutionary series of billet pumps capable of supporting up to 2,500 hp. QFT not only went after the big flow numbers, they designed a series of pumps with increased durability and serviceability, and a new vane and rotor design that delivers a greater volume of fuel in the all-important 12-20 psi range. The new QFT High Performance Fuel Pump lineup includes a 230 gph continuous duty street pump that will support 1200 hp, a drag race/short duration 260 gph pump that supports 1,000 hp in rear fuel cell vehicles and 1,600 hp with front-mounted fuel cells, a 300 gph drag race/short duration pump that delivers fuel for up to 800 hp, and a 400 gph drag racing pump that is good for 800 hp-2,500 hp engines. All of these pumps are compatible with gas, alcohol and E85 fuels.

rx-Torque Box for the Off Road Race Community

Torque Trends, Inc. proudly debuts their first new product, the "rx-Torque Box", into the Off Road Racing community. This bullet proof high torque rated reduction gear box was designed for Off Road Race Trucks that are running a 9" or smaller ring gear rear differential. The company also makes a similar reduction gear box for both 4x2 and 4x4 on road Lifted Big Tire Trucks and is currently working on a transmission replacement gear box for the ev-Conversion market. All units are based on a simple but strong and fully rollerized compound planetary gear set.

The World's First Environment-Friendly Engine Carbon Cleaning System

With more than one million carbon cleaning procedures to date, EPOCH has successfully developed and introduced the most environment-friend engine carbon cleaning system that harnesses the power of oxygen and hydrogen. By simply connecting our machines to your vehicle's engine, this 40-minute procedure provides immediate results in eliminating carbon deposits inside your engine. Lowering emission, restoring horsepower ans torque, reducing fristion and optimizing fuel ecomony. This might just be the most effective and affordable way to ensure your engines run at peak efficiency for extended periods of time. The savings at the pump will pay for the service. For professional, this is an extremely profitable way to bring added value to your customers. Backed by a multimillion dollar liability policy, it is hard to beat. Immediate and long-lasting results; simple and easy to do; with the cost of consumables per vehicle at less than 50 cents.

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