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Bobby & Graham Rahal Join NHRA Funny Car Driver, Johnny Gray Signing Autographs at Big O Tires SEMA Booth


WHO: Bobby Rahal – Legendary Indy Car driver, winner of the 1986 Indy 500 and co-owner of Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing (RLLR).

Graham Rahal – IZOD IndyCar Series driver. Graham ended his first full race season 10th in points driving the Service Central Indy Car for Service Central/Chip Ganassi Racing.

Johnny Gray – Seasoned NHRA Funny Car driver, sits 4th in points in the Full Throttle Countdown to the Championship playoffs.

WHAT: Autograph signing and Meet & Greet
Give away $750 gift certificate for tires or service at Big O Tires

KBS Coatings introduces NEW Cavity Coater!

In our endless efforts to stop the damaging effects of rust & corrosion, KBS Coatings proudly introduces KBS Cavity Coater! With over 4000 hours of successful salt spray results, Cavity Coater is truly The Ultimate in Cavity Waxes. With as little as 1 mil application, Cavity Coater can be applied in those hard to reach and/or never seen areas where rust does its' dirty work. Used in tandem with our KBS RustSeal coating, KBS now has the ultimate formula for permanently eradicating the enemy....RUST!

HP ThermaSkin - Sprayable heat shield coating by Heatshield Products

HP ThermaSkin is a premixed composite consisting of microscopic air filled beads. These precisely manufactured beads are held in suspension by a proprietary high-grade latex acrylic emulsion. This combination yields a lightweight, pliable product, which expands and contracts with the surface to which it is applied. Two standard coats (15 mil ea.) will yield an R12 equivalent insulation value.

HP ThermaSkin is highly water resistant and the materials resistance to water may be improved by applying a layer of clear coat or paint. HP ThermaSkin may also be sanded if necessary.

db Skin - Sprayable sound dampener

db Skin™ is a water-based, sprayable, vibration damping compound that has been engineered to damp vibration by converting it into low level-heat. The special silica-mica and ceramic components create friction when vibration occurs. db Skin™ allows you to cover large surface areas very quickly when using a “shutz” spray gun. When the product is wet, it is purple.

Hot Rod Sleeve by Heatshield Products

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Hot Rod Sleeve is a black thermal sleeving capable of withstanding 1100°F continuous. This non-flammable sleeve has a special weave that allows it to expand and contract over fittings. In addition, it has that old school sleeve look with modern heat shield technology. Ideal for shielding fuel lines - helping to stop vapor lock, protect sensitive wire looms from close proximity heat, shield brake lines & hoses, and stop clutch cables from melting. This enables you to fit things into those tight places, and we all know custom builds have lots of tight places. Available in 10’ and 100’ rolls!

Stealth Turbo Shield by Heatshield Products

Stealth Turbo Heat Shields retain heat inside the turbo. Retaining heat in the turbo can lower under hood temperatures up to 40%, in addition it can reduce chatter, lag, increase boost (in some cases), and reduce heat damage to other engine components. The custom turbo heat bags use the same extreme rated technology as our HP Turbo Shields, but they have a new cool “Stealth” appearance.

HP Lava Boot by Heatshield Products

HP Lava Boot Shields are the perfect solution to your LS spark plug boot problems. Our Lava Boot shield features a no-fray cuff with a flexible dual wall high temperature basalt (mineral from crushed volcanic rock) sleeving. The tightly braided basalt has a 1200°F working temperature that assures protection from plug and wire burnout in the most demanding applications.

Aria Tools introduces....The Ultimate Coupler.

Aria Tools, Inc is founded with a vision to manufacture and distribute a comprehensive line of highest-grade Air Tool Accessories. Best quality, affordable price, increasing productivity are our promise to customers.

Our newly designed unique high-end air coupler line is our core group of products built with a true understanding of the needs of our customers. From industrial to automotive to laboratory work, the range of applications is wide. to Showcase Social Site for Automotive Enthusiasts with Focus on Custom Cars and Parts; iPad Giveaway

October 12, 2012 has chosen October 30, 2012 at the 2012 SEMA Show to launch an updated ‘social-network focused’ version of the website. is the first automotive social network centered around the $30B market of parts that enthusiasts use to customize their vehicles. By connecting users through the parts they have in common, has developed a unique take on the typical forum that most enthusiasts currently use.


The LightSpeed Holoshift™ head-up display tachometer, shift warning light, and oil pressure and temperature alarms will excite auto enthusiasts and competitors in all segments of the automotive world.

Featuring an ultra-bright LED display that is easily visible in any lighting condition and can be viewed with all types of sunglasses, the Holoshift operates with virtually any engine configuration from 4 to 12 cylinders.

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