E-Miata Roadster = 0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds

Torque Trends, Inc. of Surprise, AZ debuts their just converted product demo vehicle the e-Miata Roadster. This is a "plug in electric" or sometimes refered to as a "battery electric vehicle" (BEV) conversion created specifically for showing and demonstrating their newest gearbox the ev-Torque Box. The ev-Torque Box is being shown for the first time here at SEMA 2014 in the New Products Section of the show.

The e-Miata is a restoration, a customization and an electric conversion all rolled into one very fast Roadster. The 0 to 60 is 3.9 sec.

MagnaFlow Team Support Vehicle Makes a Big Impression

Over the last 6 months, the build process of the MagnaFlow Team Support Vehicle (MF-TSV) has been documented on the MavTV show “Chop Cut Rebuild.”

“Over the course of 10 successful seasons, Chop Cut Rebuild has relied numerous times on the team at MagnaFlow to deliver quality products and interesting content for our series. Without fail, MagnaFlow has come through every time with ‘above the bar’ products and service. No matter if it’s Ford, Chevrolet, or even a Bricklin, MagnaFlow can, and does, deliver the performance exhaust products we need season after season.” - Dan Woods, Executive Producer/Host, Chop Cut Rebuild

Silent Running and Bare Speed Feature Vehicle

August 27, 2014- Silent Running ( teams up with BareSpeed and Good Mark to bring a new concept to the feature vehicles display. Unlike other display vehicles at SEMA, this 67 Mustang build will feature no interior accessories in order to showcase the benefits of using Silent Running.

Clarence Chan, owner of Bare Speed says, “I saw this car and thought, this is going to be amazing! Everyone else saw this car and just laughed at me. Most people said it needs to be scrapped. I then spoke to Silent Running and told them about the project. They loved the idea, they had not seen the car though. After they saw the first pictures, they were speechless, “Are you sure we can do this by SEMA?” The next call was to Goodmark- I spoke to them about the car and they loved the idea. They knew exactly what I was talking about and agreed it was a great idea.”

MagnaFlow Partners with APR Performance on a Custom Corvette Stingray Project

MagnaFlow knows performance, and so does the team at APR Performance. So, when it came time to pick a partner for building a 2014 Corvette Stingray to be featured in the MagnaFlow booth, APR’s track and race proven success with the C6 Z06 ZR1 line made them a solid choice for partnership. Watching their process of development for an all-new line of components, designed specifically for the C7 platform reinforced that decision.

“We chose to work with MagnaFlow because they are a top vehicle exhaust system manufacturer. Their exhaust has provided the greatest performance and the right sound we needed for this Corvette Stingray project." – APR Performance Marketing Manager, KC Chou

MagnaFlow and Arlen Ness Partner on Two New Custom Bikes

After the unveiling of the partnership between MagnaFlow and Arlen Ness Motorcycles at the SEMA Show last year, MagnaFlow has raised the bar with two new custom bikes for 2014 from Arlen and Zach Ness.
Inside the show, MagnaFlow is featuring a new custom Bagger from Arlen Ness. Built on a Harley-Davidson® Touring platform, the new Ness custom Bagger is loaded with Arlen Ness part and accessories and an amazing head tuning paint job for that one of a kind look. It’s ready to hit the open road or a world class custom bike show. For the performance edge, Arlen chose the new Redline Tru-Dual system. Redline Tru-Duals offers Ness style with proven MagnaFlow performance and craftsmanship. The Redline mufflers are finished off with distinctive gloss black accent cut end caps to stand out for the crowd. That famous MagnaFlow sound quality can be heard mile after mile with the Redline Tru-Dual exhaust system.

Boom Mat Top Choice for MSD Performance

Avon Lake, OH (June 4, 2014)…The Atomic Deuce is the latest project of MSD Performance designated to debut during the 2014 Hot Rod Power Tour. This classic five window ’32 Coupe that was made popular in the movie American Graffiti features Boom Mat damping material and Floor & Tunnel Shield II.

Boom Mat’s damping material and Floor & Tunnel Shield II are the thermal tuning products of choice for this classic build developed to showcase many of MSD’s performance products. With a goal of keeping the interior cool, comfortable and quiet, MSD selected Boom Mat damping material to cover the entire floor, cowl, roof and doors. The damping material reduces low frequency noise that can cause vibration and adds an extra layer of protection from ambient and direct heat. Flexible and easy to trim, this material is easy to install on metal, plastic or fiberglass and virtually eliminates all unwanted road and engine noise.

Hall of Fame Racer Bobby Allison to Unveil Hot Rod Truck at SEMA Show

Painless Performance Products and other SEMA member companies will be unveiling a Studebaker pickup truck, owned by NASCAR Hall of Fame driver, Bobby Allison, at the 2014 SEMA Show. In 1988, Bobby Allison was nearly killed in a crash at Pocono Raceway, suffering massive head injuries. The injuries not only ended his spectacular racing career, but also changed his life forever. During the following years, Bobby would suffer both physically and emotionally, losing both of his sons, eleven months apart, in tragic accidents. After the crash, many of his memories were lost, including his 1988 Daytona 500 victory, alongside his son Davey. 1988 was also the year that Bobby purchased a 1950 Studebaker R2 Pickup Truck. The truck was to be his own project. A restoration project that he would enjoy long into his retirement. Since 1988, the truck has sat in a garage waiting for it’s proper return...just like it’s famous owner.

The 50th Anniversary 1964.5 Mustang Tribute Car at SEMA - booth 24695‏

This Tribute Car will be local during SEMA (in booth 24695) and then will be travelling on a Nationwide Tour throughout 2014 and then ultimately auctioned in January 2015 with proceeds benefitting The National Down Syndrome Society.

The Drake Automotive Group is booth 24695 (Central Hall) and is "60's themed" with all the staff in costume yesterday today (including Scott Drake himself and his son Troy!) and has created quite a stir at SEMA so far!!!

The last 2 days (Thurs & Fri) will be regular "tradeshow style" clothing in the booth...



Scott Drake (Drake Automotive Group - Henderson, NV) and The Mustang Club of America created a special partnership to restore and highlight this car as the “Tribute Car” for the Mustang 50th Anniversary Celebrations.

BXR Motors Unveils the Bailey Blade XTR at SEMA 2013

BXR Motors will unveil their first American supercar, the Bailey Blade XTR at SEMA Show 2013.

The Bailey Blade XTR features performance and luxury, blending the best features from top-of-the-line vehicles, classic and current. The Bailey Blade XTR has 750 horsepower and twin-turbos under the hood making this speed demon go from zero-to-sixty in 3.2 seconds. The Bailey Blade XTR also features:
• 5.0 L all aluminum engine
• Kevlar composite body, carbon fiber option
• 4-wheel SLA suspension
• Electric variable height adjustment shocks
• Active aero technology
• And more

In 2010, Neal Bailey, founder of BXR Motors, decided to put his passion, design, and engineering background to work and build a car that would showcase gorgeous, classic lines and the roar of a full-blooded performance car. Bailey began building his dream car in his own home garage with minimal resources.

Quanta Hybrid Performance Launches a Hybrid-Electric Corvette

Quanta Products, LLC, a Maryland corporation that has been involved 25 years in the automotive aftermarket producing products for Corvettes, is pleased to announce two exciting developments.

First, Quanta Hybrid Performance™ is a new division that has been formed to develop and produce products that integrate electric traction motors into conventional internal combustion engine powered vehicles to produce unique “hy performance” vehicles.

Second, Quanta Hybrid Performance has engineered and produced a unique hybrid electric vehicle, the Quanta Corvette QHP770™, which is being displayed at their booth (34291) at the SEMA Show. This car is a C6 Z06 Chevrolet Corvette which has been modified with Quanta Hybrid Performance’s integrated hybrid technology.

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