Like90 Clean Room Booth System Makes a Paint Booth Like New in 2 Hours


Contact: Bill Kernahan
Phone: 818-519-7297

Bonding Solutions Introduces Clean Room Technology That Makes Paint Booth Look Like New in 2 Hours!

Salt Lake City, UT 10/06/14 – Bonding Solutions has introduced the Like90 Clean Booth System™. Using high tech clean room technology, the Clean Booth System keeps paint booths clean and bright for months. It protects paint booth surfaces against overspray and greatly reduces airborne particles and paint contamination. The system includes White Out ™ Booth Coating for walls, Clear View™ Coating for windows and lights, Particle Control™ Spray and Active Mat™, a chemically-activated floor scrim that traps dirt and overspray.



Contact: Bill Kernahan
Phone: 818-519-7297

Bonding Solutions Introduces Convenient Aerosol Coating That Replaces Clear Coat

Salt Lake City, UT (10/6/14) – Bonding Solutions has introduced Like90 Quick Check™ Gloss Simulator. Quick Check is a temporary gloss that simulates the look of clear coat. It’s designed to be sprayed over fresh base coat on spray-out cards. It makes color matching easier and faster. Unlike clear, Quick Check is odorless and contains no harmful isocyanates. Quick Check can also be sprayed onto repaired panels to detect wavy bodywork and other defects that can’t be seen until after clear is applied.

BSTFLEX Knitted Fiberglass Sleeve

Knitted Fiberglass Sleeve is fabricated from high quality type E-glass fiber that will not burn and will withstand continuous exposure to temperatures of 1000°F / 520°C. This Knitted Fiberglass Sleeve provides protection for industrial wires, cables, hydraulics hoses, tubing and pipes, along with providing thermal insulation and personnel protection.
Fiberglass Knitted Sleeve resists most acids and alkalis and is unaffected by most bleaches and solvents. It is highly flexible and conformable.

other thermal protection products please visit or, call 0086-15856303740, or e-mail:

BSTFLEX Knitted Kevlar Sleeve

The Knitted Kevlar Sleeve are characterized by an excellent elasticity, making them an ideal solution for sheathing.

Knitted Kevlar Sleeve is made in rectilinear knitting, giving the possibility to achieve large diameters

- Conveying cylinders sheathing in the flat glass industry, for this specific use, the sleeves prevent the glass from touching the rollers. They resist to high temperature and prevent from thermal shocks
- The aramid knitted sleeves are also used for the sheathing of hoses, pipes at high temperature
- They are also used as expansion joints

other thermal protection products please visit or, call 0086-15856303740, or e-mail:

BSTFLEX Kevlar Braided Sleeve

Kevlar Braided Sleeve is aramid yarn braided to form a sleeve or tube. Kevlar® does NOT melt or support combustion. Short term exposures (several minutes) as high as 300° C/572° F can be tolerated. Kevlar® sleeving offers strength and durability, yet is relatively light in weight. It is mostly used in the fiber optic and electromechanical cable industries where high temperatures and durability are required of the protective sleeving.

Up to 20 Times Stronger Than Steel
Good chemical resistance
Easy to install
Thermally stable
Cuts easily with Kevlar scissors
Excellent abrasion resistance
Operating Temp. -340° F to 320° F
Will not melt or support combustion
Ideal in extreme environments
Retains properties in very extreme high and low temperatures
Easy to install, Stays Soft, Flexible and Pliable
1-2 expansion ratio

BSTFLEX T2 Turbo Blanket

BSTFLEX Fiberglass T2 Turbo Blanket Materials:
-Silicone Impregnated Fiberglass Outer Shell
-Calcium Magnesium Silicate Wool Inner Core
(secured with Stainless Steel Wire Mesh)
-Stainless Steel Capstan Rivets
-Stainless Steel Wire Fasteners

BSTFLEX Fiberglass T2 Turbo Blanket Heat Tolerance:
Interior Surface:
Max Temperature Rating: 2012 Deg F / 1100 Deg C
Continuous Use Limit: 1832 Deg F / 1000 Deg C
Exterior Surface:
Direct Contact Limit: 600 Deg F / 316 Deg C
Radiant Heat Limit: 1100 Deg F / 593 Deg C

BSTFLEX Fiberglass T2 Turbo Blanket Color:
Black, gray, red, blue, yellow, green, pink, purple, aluminum silver

Titanium T2 Turbo Blanket is available.

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Subaru WRX Turbo Blanket

PML First with Extra Capacity GM 6L90 Transmission Pan

Inglewood, CA - Consistent with its commitment to customer satisfaction, PML is proud to announce being first to market with a deep pan for large, gas-powered Silverado and Sierra 2500HD and 3500HD trucks and GM and Chevy vans and SUVs with the 6L90.

The PML 6L90 transmission pan features heavy duty thick walls to add strength to the transmission housing. This new aftermarket transmission pan helps keep expensive 6L90 transmissions in good shape by aiding heat dissipation. Sand-cast aluminum construction, raised fins and two and a half to three extra quarts of fluid for cooler all aid in the cooling the transmission fluid.

PML designed the pan to clear the exhaust routed under the stock pan and added extra capacity while maintaining ground clearance. PML includes a magnetic drain plug and mounting bolts for ease of installation.

PML offers this pan in three finishes: natural cast, black powder coated, and polished.

PML will be in Booth 24124 at the SEMA Show 2014.


October 2, 2014

Virginia Beach, VA –Wipe New will unveil a game changing new product at SEMA that will fundamentally change the way fleet vehicles are restored and maintained, minimizing maintenance with long lasting durability and shine. Wipe New Professional for Fleets restores color and sheen to faded and oxidized surfaces making them look like new--and keeps them that way with nano-polymer durability! No more painting or waxing! Wipe New delivers reduced downtime, enhanced fleet appearance, and faster & easier vehicle cleaning with a simple wipe-on procedure. Come and see how to restore the pride and glory in aging fleets at a fraction of the cost of repainting! Visit Wipe New at booth 12355 in the North Hall or in the New Products Showcase at the SEMA show, Las Vegas Convention Center, November 4-7, 2014. #wipenew

About Wipe New, LLC

2015 GMC Sierra HD Brute Mesh Grilles By Ablaze Grilles

Ablaze Grilles introduces the Brute framed wire mesh grille Insert for the 2015 GMC Sierra 2500 and 3500 HD. It is made out of high quality materials. The precision laser cut frame extends and contours around each of the real Stainless Steel bolts to give it a unique, studded look. The woven wire mesh is formed around the frame and bolts to give it an extra dimension. Available in Brute,Chrome,and All Black. Installation 1hr. Comes with complete directions and hardware. Made in Norco Californa.

BSTFLEX Titanium Subaru WRX Turbo Blanket - turbo heat shield

Titanium Subaru WRX Turbo Blanket Materials:
With an outer layer made from actual pulverized volcanic lava rock (continuous-filament basalt) formed into fabric and woven into a tight mesh weave, these turbo blankets are internally insulated with high temperature calcium magnesium silicate wool, overlaid with a high temperature silica fabric for increased durability and for improved thermal resistance. We also provide LAVA fiber fabric inside, too. The Lava Turbo Blankets are designed to withstand the harshest of conditions.

Titanium Subaru WRX Turbo Blanket Heat Tolerance:
Interior Surface:
Max Temperature Rating: 2300 Deg F/ 1260 Deg C
Continuous Use Limit: 1832 Deg F/ 1000 Deg C
Exterior Surface:
Direct Contact Limit: 1800 Deg F/ 982 Deg C
Radiant Heat Limit: 2500 Deg F/ 1371 Deg C

Titanium Subaru WRX Turbo Blanket designed to fit all stock Subaru WRX/STI turbochargers. They also can fit many other after market turbochargers with internal wastegates.

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