Warn Industries Synthetic Winch Rope Line Expands

WARN Spydura Pro and WARN Spydura Rope Extensions Built for all WARN Winches
Clackamas, OR (11/4/14) – Warn Industries quite literally extends their popular Spydura™ Synthetic Rope line with a series of Spydura synthetic rope extensions. These lightweight, easy to use extensions are a durable choice to extend standard WARN® winch ropes in difficult situations. This new tool in the WARN self-rescue arsenal allows winch users to reach anchor points beyond their standard winch rope length. Strong and supple, with a loop on both ends, the Spydura synthetic rope extensions are ideal for connecting winch hooks with D-shackles and anchor points.

Warn Industries Locking Hubs for 2005+ Ford Super Duty Trucks are Now Available

The Tough Ford Super Duty Gets a New-Look Hub from Warn Industries
Clackamas, OR (11/4/14) – Warn Industries introduced a new line of WARN Premium Locking Hubs for late-model, 2005 and later Ford Super Duty Trucks. Super Duty owners now have the option to outfit their rigs with aftermarket, “new look” WARN Premium Hubs, available through normal WARN distribution channels. These Premium Locking Hubs are built to take the beatings modified rigs with bigger tires often dish out. Easy to install and easy to use, WARN Super Duty Hubs feature something new from WARN—chrome or black powder-coated finish on the all-metal cap and dial.

Durability runs deep in these new WARN Premium Hubs. Heat-treated Cro-Moly steel gears and an upgraded bearing housing provide greater strength. Marine-grade corrosion–resistant stainless steel hardware, and the all-metal cap and dial (with IP68 waterproof rating), make these new hubs shine on the job, or off the road.

Warn Industries Introduces a New Portable Winch Powered by a Handheld Power Drill

Clackamas, OR (11/4/14) – Warn Industries announces a breakthrough in portable winch design with its new WARN Drill Winch. Anywhere you can take your portable drill, you can take, and use, the Drill Winch. It’s ideal for moving rolling loads onto pickups or trailers. The Drill Winch also has many other uses, such as moving heavy nursery stocks, or helping out around the mechanic shop or on the farm. The lightweight, ultra-portable WARN Drill Winch features a 500-pound pulling capacity.

The new drill-powered winch runs off any standard portable drill. It turns the drill into a versatile pulling tool. While the drill is not included, front and rear rigging hooks are coupled with a free spool clutch, they make rigging fast and easy. The drill winch also includes 30’ of wire rope, and an integrated hawse fairlead.



10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 5, 2014
South Hall, Upper Level, #34121

Cristin Liveoak
PR Manager
LINE-X Protective Coatings
(256) 713-4265


– LINE-X Launches Off-Road Series Fully Customizable Accessory Line –

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RHS Pro Elite GM LT1 Gen V Cylinder Heads

Memphis, TN – Coming soon from RHS® are the first purpose-built, aftermarket cylinder heads for the GM LT1 Gen V engine, while a second version will also bolt on to an LS, allowing Gen III/IV power plants to utilize Gen V technology.

The airflow specialists at Racing Head Service™ have raised the bar in performance once again with new Pro Elite™ GM LT1 Gen V Cylinder Heads. Bred from racing, these heads feature optimized valve locations, an increased valve size and custom port profiles to produce the highest-flowing and best-performing LT1 heads on the market. Reinforced rocker rails accept popular aftermarket shaft-rocker systems, while larger-than-stock spring pockets allow for more aggressive valve train packages. A bolt-on design allows users to run all stock pieces and LS front-accessory-mounting holes are included for easy use with LS front drive components. This exclusive, CNC-ported design is cast and machined entirely by RHS®.

RHS LS Solid Aluminum Race Block

Memphis, TN – The updated LS Solid Aluminum Race Block from RHS® is a cost-effective alternative to billet blocks for high-horsepower, boosted applications that do not require water and need additional rigidity to withstand the torsional stresses incurred with crank-mount superchargers.

COMP Cams Melonized Distributor Gears

Memphis, TN – New distributor gears from COMP Cams® provide the universal compatibility often associated with bronze gears for use with any steel, cast iron or ductile iron camshaft, but without the wear concerns.

COMP Cams® Melonized Distributor Gears are designed to work with Big and Small Block Chevy, Ford 302 and Ford 351W applications. The melonizing nitriding process was originally developed by OEMs, including GM and Ford. As opposed to bronze gears, melonized versions are less wear-prone and feature better timing accuracy and higher strength than any other universally compatible distributor gear option. The greater wear resistance and higher precision of COMP Cams® Melonized Gears also provide less spark scatter (more accurate timing) than is possible with a bronze gear.

COMP Cams GM LS Gear Drive Timing Sets

Memphis, TN – New timing sets from COMP Cams® provide a bulletproof timing option with the most precise cam timing possible for LS applications.

COMP Cams Ford 2V/4V Modular Adjustable Timing Set

Memphis, TN – This new adjustable cam timing set for 2V and 4V Mod Fords is stronger, more wear resistant, features a cleaner cam signal and is much easier to use than any prior Modular adjustable main sprocket kit.

COMP Cams® has taken everything it learned from extensive testing and customer feedback from adjustable cam systems to provide a totally new redesign for its Ford 2V/4V Modular Adjustable Timing Set. The set boasts robust adjustment clamping without concern for loosening, along with a bulletproof SAE 4340 design featuring wear-resistant plasma nitride gear hardening on the gear teeth. Meanwhile, a perfect cam sensor signal is trigger-tested to over 10,000 RPM and is compatible with any OEM or aftermarket engine control system. An all-new Allen wrench adjustment design allows for precise adjustment (+/- 6 degrees) to advance and retard on each bank. The result is that adjustability for Ford Modular cams is now totally trouble-free.

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