Alpha® Introduces New Blade for Pneumatic Cut-Off Tools

Alpha Professional Tools® is proud to announce that we have expanded our line of quality products. Below is a brief introduction of these new products.

The Ultracut ABM Series Blade is designed for use on most popular pneumatic cut-off tools which are widely used in automotive body shops and many other industrial manufacturing facilities. Unlike regular abrasive cut-off wheels, the Alpha® Ultracut doesn’t change diameter during the cutting operation. It will maintain the maximum cutting depth throughout its life. The Ultracut was made with the highest quality diamond grits allowing you to cut multiple layers of different materials while assuring a fast, clean cutting experience. The Alpha® Ultracut has bi-directional rotation so that you can use on reversible cut-off tools, which could be useful to direct sparks and debris away from the operator. It is available in 3” and 4” sizes.

Part No. Size Thickness Maximum RPM Arbor(s)
ABM0338 3” 1.5mm 20,000 3/8” (10mm)

Alpha® Introduces Reznet Sanding Screens

Alpha Professional Tools® is proud to announce that we have expanded our line of quality products. Below is a brief introduction of these new products.

Alpha® is pleased to introduce “Reznet”… It is a unique multi-purpose sanding product made with a combination of high-quality abrasive grit, a nylon net and a hook & loop backing to remove dust from cutting/grinding surfaces. This advanced construction maintains cool cutting during the toughest applications, with difficult to sand materials. Alpha® Reznet provides a virtually dust-free application with the convenience of a hook & loop operation that ensures fast sanding and a long life making it a very cost-effective application. Alpha® Reznet Sanding Screens come as Discs or rectangular Pads and are designed for Dual Action/Orbital Action/Gear Action Sanders as well as hand pads for the manual application. Disc sizes are 5”, 6” & 9”, while Pads come in 2-3/4” width and lengths of 5”, 8” & 16”.

Weego™ Jump Starter Battery Pack+ Starts your Engine, Charges your Phone & Fits in your Pocket

Westampton, NJ (Oct. 8, 2014) – Left your headlights on. Stuck in a deserted parking lot. Alone. Can’t find a good samaritan to help. What to do?

Weego Jump Starter Battery Pack+ eliminates the worry and fear associated with having a dead battery so you can get moving again – and fast. No waiting for a tow truck. No need for nose-to-nose vehicle positioning with similar-sized engines to jump the battery. Weego allows you to jump start the vehicle all by yourself!

New for 2015: Universal Radiator Modules

At C&R Racing we have added the 16" fan ring we currently use in NASCAR, and hi performance SPAL fan to this new line. The fan ring is water jetted out of .100 aluminum and is bolted to the radiator, making for a stronger part. No chance for the fan to move around on the radiator. We also seal the fan to the core which increases the cooling capability.

Comes pre-assembled with hi performance 16" SPAL curved blade puller fan, Current water jetted 16" Fan ring, SPAL 40 amp relay. Features C&R Racing unique replaceable inlet (not included) available in 1-1/4", 1-1/2", 1-3/4", -16AN male & -20 AN male.
1-3/4" outlet.

Made for racing but perfect for Hot Rods, muscle cars or custom applications.

28x19 and 31x19 size options. Inlet and radiator cap sold separately.

Engineered and handcrafted in the USA.

850-28191, 850-31190, 852-28191, 852-31191

PaceSetter New Product Release – Direct-fit Manifold Catalytic Converter For 04-06 Mazda 3 & 06-07 Mazda 5, 2.3L Engine

Phoenix, AZ - PaceSetter Performance Products, designers and manufacturers of quality-made, affordably-priced exhaust systems and components, now offers a direct-fit manifold catalytic converters for the 04-06 Mazda 3 & 06-07 Mazda 5 with the 2.3L engine.

PaceSetter Direct-Fit Manifold Converters utilize mandrel-bent stainless steel tubing for maximum efficiency and CNC-machined thick steel flanges for a factory-like fit and good seal. In addition, these Manifold Converters have provisions for the factory heat shields and for the O2 Sensor.

Using EPA-approved catalytic converters for OBD II applications, PaceSetter created an extensive selection of OBD II applications for both foreign and domestic brand cars and light trucks – from Malibu to Camry and BMW to Escape.

DEI Introduces New Tie Tool

Avon Lake, OH (October 8, 2014)…Stainless steel locking ties are commonly used in many different automotive applications. Both light and strong they can take a lot of abuse but are finicky to work with especially for the average guy who doesn’t use them every day.

DEI has developed an effective tool to tighten stainless steel locking ties. This tool saves time and hassle while providing a professional looking result. Simply slide the tool on the end of any ¼” nut driver, engage the tie, and twist. This gets the tie nice and secure without the hassle.

DEI’s Locking Tie Tool will fit on the end of any standard ¼” drive extension so working in tight spaces is not a problem. This specialty tool works with all popular styles of stainless ties - up to ½” wide.
Made with hardened tool steel and black oxide coated for years of trouble free use this is one specialty tool no tool box should be without.

Part #: 010220
MSRP: $5.95
Availability: November 2014


East Bay Tire partners with major US ag tire maker to expand its Dawg Pound Tires farm line

Fairfield, Calif. – East Bay Tire Co. (EBT), a leading wholesale and commercial tire dealer, announces the debut of its new Farm Dawg R-1 tires made in the USA. The new Farm Dawg USA R-1 tractor tires expand on the already extensive line up of Dawg Pound Tires’ bias agriculture products, including I-1, R-1 and R-3 tires.

Made exclusively for EBT Dawg Pound Tires by a major US farm tire producer, the Farm Dawg all-purpose tractor tires are ideal for multiple soil conditions and feature deep, heavy lugs for improved traction and stability; a high, multi-angled long bar tread pattern for optimum self-cleanout; and a heavy ply rating for increased carrying capacity.

The Farm Dawg USA is in stock now and available in the following sizes: 6-12, 7-14, 7-16, 8-16 and 9.5-16. All are tubeless and available in 6 ply.


Bonding Solutions Tacky Booth Coating Can Be Applied On Overspray-Covered Walls – No Prep Needed

Salt Lake City, UT (10/6/14) – Bonding Solutions has introduced Like90™ Tacky Booth Coating. Water-based Tacky Booth Coating is designed to trap airborne dirt and overspray, and protect booth walls. Tacky Booth Coating comes in White and Clear and can be spray-applied directly on overspray-covered walls. No prep or re-painting is required so a booth can look like new in 30 minutes. Unlike old-fashioned sticky coatings that last a few weeks, advance technology allows Tacky Booth Coating to stay tacky for months and through multiple bake cycles. When it’s time to replace, Tacky Booth Coating rinses off easily and quickly with ordinary water. In between replacement cycles, Tacky Booth Coating can be refreshed by over-coating with more material so the booth always looks good.

Like90 Clean Room Booth System Makes a Paint Booth Like New in 2 Hours


Contact: Bill Kernahan
Phone: 818-519-7297

Bonding Solutions Introduces Clean Room Technology That Makes Paint Booth Look Like New in 2 Hours!

Salt Lake City, UT 10/06/14 – Bonding Solutions has introduced the Like90 Clean Booth System™. Using high tech clean room technology, the Clean Booth System keeps paint booths clean and bright for months. It protects paint booth surfaces against overspray and greatly reduces airborne particles and paint contamination. The system includes White Out ™ Booth Coating for walls, Clear View™ Coating for windows and lights, Particle Control™ Spray and Active Mat™, a chemically-activated floor scrim that traps dirt and overspray.



Contact: Bill Kernahan
Phone: 818-519-7297

Bonding Solutions Introduces Convenient Aerosol Coating That Replaces Clear Coat

Salt Lake City, UT (10/6/14) – Bonding Solutions has introduced Like90 Quick Check™ Gloss Simulator. Quick Check is a temporary gloss that simulates the look of clear coat. It’s designed to be sprayed over fresh base coat on spray-out cards. It makes color matching easier and faster. Unlike clear, Quick Check is odorless and contains no harmful isocyanates. Quick Check can also be sprayed onto repaired panels to detect wavy bodywork and other defects that can’t be seen until after clear is applied.

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