Rotary Lift Showcases the World’s Fastest and Bestselling Lifts at the SEMA Show 2013

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Rotary Lift Showcases the World’s Fastest and Bestselling Lifts at the SEMA Show 2013

Madison, Ind. (Oct. 17, 2013) – At the SEMA Show 2013, Rotary Lift will feature the world’s fastest lifts, the world’s bestselling lifts and a broad range of other lifting products designed to maximize technician efficiency and productivity.

Rotary Lift joins its sister brands Forward Lift, Chief Automotive Technologies and Elektron in a large Vehicle Service Group (VSG) booth (#10339) located in the North Hall Tools & Equipment section. The SEMA Show is held Nov. 5-8 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Truck bumpers come alive with BumperShellz - Durable, customizable protective covers feature backlighting to promote your message

NEWCASTLE, Calif. – Every day, pickup truck bumpers take a beating as they are exposed to all types of wear and tear from weather, rocks, road salt and the like. Now, ecoological, a California-based company devoted to creating simple, functional and environmentally responsible solutions to common automotive problems, has developed a durable cover that not only protects the bumper, but can be customized and backlit with any color or design desired.
BumperShellz™ consist of a cover made from a recycled thermoplastic that is formed to fit over the exposed steel truck bumper like a protective shell. The shells are wrapped with a high quality, decorative film and can be easily installed over the existing bumper. The cover allows the truck owner to create a customized look for his or her bumper, with the customer’s choice of carbon fiber, camouflage, black out, or many other colors and patterns.

Innovative ecoological introduces large, highly versatile aerodynamic pickup truck cargo box

NEWCASTLE, Calif. – Pickup truck owners often complain that having a cargo tool box located behind cab of the truck not only makes cargo hard to reach, but can be extremely limited in functionality for carrying many types of truck cargo. That’s why ecoological, a California company devoted to creating simple, functional and environmentally responsible solutions to common automotive problems, recently developed AeroBox, a rear-facing cargo carrier that solves all those issues and much more.

rx-Torque Box for the Off Road Race Community

Torque Trends, Inc. proudly debuts their first new product, the "rx-Torque Box", into the Off Road Racing community. This bullet proof high torque rated reduction gear box was designed for Off Road Race Trucks that are running a 9" or smaller ring gear rear differential. The company also makes a similar reduction gear box for both 4x2 and 4x4 on road Lifted Big Tire Trucks and is currently working on a transmission replacement gear box for the ev-Conversion market. All units are based on a simple but strong and fully rollerized compound planetary gear set.

The World's First Environment-Friendly Engine Carbon Cleaning System

With more than one million carbon cleaning procedures to date, EPOCH has successfully developed and introduced the most environment-friend engine carbon cleaning system that harnesses the power of oxygen and hydrogen. By simply connecting our machines to your vehicle's engine, this 40-minute procedure provides immediate results in eliminating carbon deposits inside your engine. Lowering emission, restoring horsepower ans torque, reducing fristion and optimizing fuel ecomony. This might just be the most effective and affordable way to ensure your engines run at peak efficiency for extended periods of time. The savings at the pump will pay for the service. For professional, this is an extremely profitable way to bring added value to your customers. Backed by a multimillion dollar liability policy, it is hard to beat. Immediate and long-lasting results; simple and easy to do; with the cost of consumables per vehicle at less than 50 cents.

Covercraft® releases Cargo Area Liner

Covercraft now offers both custom and universal fit Cargo Area Liners for most popular models of SUV’s and pickups.

Constructed using a durable, waterproof, urethane coated polyester fabric; they cover the cargo area and the back of the rear seat.

The custom-pattern version includes a bumper flap and tie-downs. If applicable the custom version features a hook and loop strip that allows split seat to still operate for added cargo flexibility.

Easy to install, the Cargo Area Liner folds compactly for easy storage when not in use. The liners are available in four colors – Gray, Black, Taupe and Tan

Cargo Area Liners are also available in three universal sizes to provide good protection and value. Universal patterns are offered in tan and gray.

Covercraft: / 800-426-8377 /

Covercraft® releases Carband™ Parking Guard

Finally – 360 degree ding/dent protection for use in all parking situations.

Constructed using band of impact absorbing breathable stretch fabric Carband emcompasses all sides of the vehicle with a layer of thick, tight-fitting, self-securing protection.

Carband is easily installed by placing one end over either the fornt or rear bumper area, then stretching the other end over the opposite bumper area. Adjust along the sides to assure the best protective coverage.

Fully breathable Spacer Fabric material allows air to circulate. For maximum protection use with a car cover.

Carbands are offered in 10 sizes to fit most cars, SUV’s, crossovers and wagons. Check out Covercraft’s application guide for the correct size needed.

Covercraft: / 800-426-8377 /

Covercraft® releases Custom-Patterned Carhartt® Seat Protectors

Carhartt famous rugged durability is now available in custom-patterned seat covers for most popular models of pickups; SUV’s and cross-over vehicles. (Seat covers for current Ford models are sold exclusively through Ford authorized dealers and

These seat protectors are tough as nails, made with heavy duty firm-hand Carhartt duck-weave fabric and triple stitched main seams. Your butt might wear out before these seat protectors do!

Available in Carhartt Brown and Gravel colors, seat covers are available custom-patterned for both front and rear seats, and feature signature Carhartt rivets and a durable, water-repellent (DWR) finish.

Protection for what you drive!

Covercraft: / 800-426-8377 /

2014 Chevrolet Silverado Framed Wire Mesh Grille- Overlay (Chrome)

Brand New for all 2014 Chevy Silverado 1500 trucks!!

This 2 piece framed Wire Mesh grille is made out of high quality materials, and triple chrome plated for that show chrome look. The woven mesh is formed to give it an extra dimension and looks stunning from any angle, it is all surrounded by a half inch chrome frame. Installs as an overlay so no need for drilling or cutting, but professional installation is recommended. Installation time is about 45 min
Also available in Black Powder Coated Finish

Manufactured in Norco, California by Ablaze Grilles Inc powered by Nimbo LLC. Presents (SVR) Stolen Vehicle Recovery Asset Protection System powered by Nimbo LLC would officially like to announce our New Product Release "(SVR) Stolen Vehicle Recovery" Asset Protection System. Vehicle theft is a common occurrence across the United States. On average, a vehicle is stolen every 44 seconds. This means over 700,000 vehicles are stolen annually.

Our Stolen Vehicle Recovery Systems virtually eliminate the hassle if your vehicle has been stolen. Anyone who has ever experienced having their vehicle stolen has either dealt with out of pocket insurance deductibles, or even potentially higher insurance premiums, along with stolen valuables left in the vehicle and the potential for identity theft.

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