Torklift International releases Hero hitch

SUMNER Wash., — Torklift International now makes the strongest receiver hitch available for half-ton trucks.
The SuperHitch Hero is rated at 1,500 pounds tongue weight and 15,000 pounds pull when used with weight distribution.
“It’s a dual receiver system which means a couple things,” said Torklift International General Manager Jay Taylor. “It can be used with a dual extension and allows customers to haul in the top receiver and tow in the bottom receiver at the same time.”
Most applications do not require drilling because they attach to the truck frame using pre-drilled holes done at the factory. There are fits for Ford, Chevrolet, Dodge and Toyota.

New SLAMSTOP Vehicle Door System Revealed at 2013 SEMA Show

New SLAMSTOP Vehicle Door System Revealed at 2013 SEMA Show
Innovative System Eliminates Car Door Slamming: Install the Silence

After several recent exhibitions in the Russian Federation and Republic of Kazakhstan, the SLAMSTOP Team is presenting a newly launched product to the United States automotive market at the 2013 SEMA Show November 5th through 8th in Las Vegas. Attendees can visit the SLAMSTOP team at booth #13023 (North Hall) as well as at booth #61736.

SLAMSTOP is an innovative door retracting system for smooth and noiseless automatic closing of car doors (both front and back). SLAMSTOP catches even a slightly closed door elegantly and pulls it to the completely closed position, so you don’t need to apply force.

No more vicious slamming! SLAMSTOP will naturally blend with your personal space for maximum comfort. Relax and enjoy the silence while SLAMSTOP controls and offers a seamless and safe retraction of the doors in your vehicle.



(Kansas City, MO) – WELD Racing sets its sights on the premium American and European sports car market with an all new, clean sheet of paper design. The all new GTS line includes the Speed-10 and Riverside models for ultra high performance cars.

The new GT-S wheels feature an all new design concept that reduces the number of bolts for a clean look and light weight. The GTS line is built to the same high quality standards that are used for Weld’s 330mph precision race wheels.

The GT-S wheels are made from the highest quality aluminum forgings and feature cold forged rim shells with titanium hardware. This is an uncompromising wheel for uncompromising performance.
The GTS Riverside and Speed-10 are styled to match the very best vehicles from America and Europe including the Camaro ZL1, Mustang GT500, Cadillac CTS-V, Porsche 911, BMW M3, and more.

The Riverside and Speed-10 will be on display at WELD Racing’s SEMA booth 24959 beginning on November 5, 2013.

Announcing the NEW SmartLogic® Android Tablet/DVD Player - The Only Known Combo Tablet/DVD Player Product on the Market Today!

Corona, CA - (November 5, 2013) - Vizualogic announced today the new SmartLogic® Android Portable Tablet/DVD Player. “This is the FIRST android tablet that has integrated a working DVD player into a portable consumer electronics device (patent-pending.)” said Gene Tuccinardi, President for Vizualogic. “We’ve had great success with our automotive tablet/DVD player that is integrated into a vehicle’s headrest. Our primary customer base is parents with children and there is still a strong market to play the DVDs. Many of our customer’s have requested this product and it has received enthusiastic response during our consumer product tests.” added Tuccinardi.

The " Benchmark " applicational rear view mirror and Integrated Radar Laser Diffusing system come to market.

App-Tronics is extremely pleased to announce they have finished combining the SmartNav 5 all in one GPS, DVR, Bluetooth 4.0 rear view mirror with the Stealth Interceptor 2300is integrated radar detector, laser diffusing system with DVR in time for the SEMA show this November in Las Vegas.

The SmartNav 5 will now come standard with the RF receiver from the Stealth systems interior component the NDR-23. Allowing the SmartNav 5's "Drive application" to pick up the wireless alerts coming from the Stealth's front bumper mounted Radar and Laser Diffusers. Now buyers can purchase the SmartNav 5 and at the same time purchase the Stealth's radar detector and laser diffusers or they can purchase at a later date as an upgrade.


(Kansas City, MO) – WELD Racing announces the REKON line featuring the lightest and toughest off road wheels. The REKON line offers maximum off road performance with uncompromising modern styling.

The REKON’s forged monoblock construction drives up strength while keeping weight to a minimum. There is not an ounce of fat on these wheels. The REKON is the result of more than two years of engineering and torture testing in WELD’s in-house lab and in the field.

The first REKON model, the F58B will be on display at Weld Racing’s SEMA booth 24959 beginning Tuesday, November 5, 2013.

The REKON is the first application of WELD’s all new Advanced Tactical Coating (ATC). ATC is a proprietary nano-ceramic barrier to protect against mud, abrasions, salt, and corrosion. ATC locks in WELD’s signature mirror shine with no dulling or discoloration. The ultra thin ATC barrier will keep your Weld wheels looking factory fresh.

Touch Screen Mirror Monitor with built-in GPS for Backup Camera Systems

Corona, CA - (October 25, 2013) - Vizualogic’s RoadTrip RT-043A is a 4.3” rear view mirror with built in GPS Navigation and Hands-free Bluetooth. The full touch screen support makes navigating the menu a breeze. The RT-043A also features dual video inputs as well as a backup camera inputs (camera sold separately).


4.3” Touch Screen
GPS Navigation
Integrated Microphone and Speaker
Built-in FM Modulator
Backup Camera Input (camera sold separately)
Dual Video Inputs
Full Size SD Card Reader
2GB Internal Flash Memory
Real Glass Mirror
Fits Most Popular Vehicles (separate bracket may be required, not included)

About Vizualogic

Vizualogic is an innovative automotive entertainment and electronics company located in Corona, California. Details on Vizualogic and SmartLogic can be found at

Tablet usage among children makes SmartLogic Tablet/DVD Headrest System a must-have rear seat entertainment option. Added flexibility of DVD allows consumers a full array of media options.

Corona, CA - (October 25, 2013) – The rise of gadgets is ushering in a new generation of kids who are growing up digital, according to a study by Nielsen. The study indicates that 70% of children in tablet-owning households use a tablet computer. And even more revealing---55% of parents say that children used the tablets while traveling.

“DVDs will eventually go the way of the 8-track,” according to Walt Detlefsen, Vizualogic National Sales Manager. “But our customers have told us they still want older media options (like DVDs) as well as new media options that tablet computers provide. That’s why we introduced the SmartLogic Tablet/DVD system. It offers the best of both worlds.”

BLU Logic® Hands-Free Wireless Phone System Has an OEM “Look and Feel”

Corona, CA - (October 25, 2013) – Vizualogic products have become known for their aftermarket automotive electronic products that have a factory-installed appearance, including the BLU Logic Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kit. The elegant 3-button controller mounts in place of the vehicle's cigarette lighter, or can be custom-mounted in the dash. It comes with a universal wiring harness and instructions.

Superior MAHLE Motorsports PowerPak Piston Kits Now Available for the 6.4L (392ci) Hemi

Fletcher, NC… October 28, 2013 MAHLE Motorsports has added the 6.4L (392ci) Hemi application to its very popular line of PowerPak piston assembly kits. The assembly includes ultra strong, light weight, slipper skirt forged pistons, German steel pins, race proven round wire locks and a MAHLE Motorsports performance ring pack. The pistons are triple coated with a phosphate dry film to protect the pin bores from galling, MAHLE’s proprietary Grafal® anti-friction skirt coating, and hard anodized top ring grooves for added protection from micro-welding.

MAHLE, the world's largest piston manufacturer operates its U.S. Motorsports division in Fletcher, NC. For more information, contact, or call toll free: 888-255-1942.

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