BSTFLEX colored T3 Turbo Blanket

BSTFLEX Fiberglass T3 Turbo Blanket Materials:
-Silicone Impregnated Fiberglass Outer Shell
-Calcium Magnesium Silicate Wool Inner Core
(secured with Stainless Steel Wire Mesh)
-Stainless Steel Capstan Rivets
-Stainless Steel Wire Fasteners
BSTFLEX Fiberglass T3 Turbo Blanket Heat Tolerance:
Interior Surface:
Max Temperature Rating: 2012 Deg F / 1100 Deg C
Continuous Use Limit: 1832 Deg F / 1000 Deg CExterior Surface:
Direct Contact Limit: 600 Deg F / 316 Deg C
Radiant Heat Limit: 1100 Deg F / 593 Deg C
BSTFLEX Fiberglass T3 Turbo Blanket Color:
Black, gray, red, blue, yellow, green, pink, purple, aluminum silver

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BSTFLEX Silicone Treated Fire Sleeve

Silicone Treated Fire Sleeve is made of braided fiberglass with a special impregnated coating. This heat protection mesh is harmless and fully meets the requirements of health and safety regulations. The special coating is self-extinguishing and does not contain halogenated flameproof substances.

The coatings are resistant to oil and solvents. They have top mechanical resistance as well as good wear resistance.

Same features as other fire sleeve.

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BSTFLEX Clamp on exhaust Pipe heat shield

Clamp on exhaust Pipe heat shield is flexible protection from heat damage, and it can reflect over 98 percent of the damaging radiant heat of the exhaust.

The kits come complete with all clamps and new stainless stand offs and installs in minutes.

Clamp on exhaust Pipe heat shield is available in one, two and three foot lengths. For exhaust pipes that exceed 3.5", use the 4" clamps of which will accommodate up to 4.5".

Clamp on exhaust Pipe heat shield Quick Facts
Blocks 98 Percent Of Radiant Heat
Provides Ultimate Protection
Installs In Minutes

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BSTFLEX Starter Heat Shield - heatshield

Starter Heat Shield help prevent starter failure caused by overheating. Using a heat shield for the solenoid and starter can prevent the starter from having starter heat lock. Quality construction and design allow for easy installation.

Crafted from a heat-beating aluminized cloth outer layer wrapped around a heavy-duty glass insulator middle, this starter heat shield can handle intermittent temps up to 2000°F. It's lined with strips of heavy-duty hook-and-loop fastener material to make installation easy.

Starter Heat Shield Quick Facts
Rated for 1100°F continuous use, 2000°F intermittent.
Prevents starter heat soak so you are not stranded
Easy installation, starter removal is not necessary
Perfect when there’s less than 1” of air space between starter and heat source

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BSTFLEX Fiberglass Braided Sleeve - biaxial glass fiber sleeving

Fiberglass Braided Sleeve is a braided fiberglass (fibreglass / glassfibre) sleeve, fabricated from high quality type E fiberglass that will not burn and will withstand continuous exposure to temperatures of 1100°F / 593°C. It provides excellent protection for industrial wires, cables, hydraulics hoses , tube and pipes and also provides thermal insulation and personnel protection.

Fiberglass Braided Sleeve can be used by itself, or under other sleeve products (such as FIRE SLEEVE) to significantly boost insulation values at modest cost.

Fiberglass Braided Sleeve is available in 2 grades: 1/8″ (3.2 mm) wall thickness or 1/16″ (1.6 mm) wall thickness.

Fiberglass Braided Sleeve resists most acids and alkalis and is unaffected by most bleaches and solvents. It is highly flexible and conformable.

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BSTFLEX Self Fusing Silicone Tape

Self Fusing Silicone Tape is the Original self-fusing silicone insulating & repair wrap.
Self Fusing Silicone Tape is extruded of 100% high performance silicone elastomer. Ingredients in the silicone cause it to permanently bond to itself when stretched and over-wrapped to itself.
Silicone Self Fusing Insulating Tape
• self-fusing, has no residue, never gets gummy or sticky like electrical or duct tape
• Has great tensile strength of >4.9Mpa (700psi), minimum elongation is >200%
• Withstands temperature up to 260℃ (500℉), remains flexible to -30℃ (-85℉)
• Has electrical strength of >20Mv/m, even under temp of 180℃ (356℉) or in oily
• Creates a permanent air-tight, water-tight seal shortly; Tighter stretch, quicker bond
• Resists fuels, oils, acids, solvents, salt water, road salt, UV rays
• extremely versatile, has an unbelievably long shelf life
• Also named end wrap tape, pyrosil tape, rescue tape, silicon tape, insulation tape


BSTFLEX Heat Shield Tape - Aluminum fiberglass tape with adhesive

Heat Shield Tape With Adhesive is a fiberglass composite tape with a strong adhesive that wraps around your wires and hoses to protect from blazing heat that can deteriorate or melt the plastic on your hoses, wires, and cables resulting in equipment failure.

Heat Shield Tape With Adhesive will protect internal parts from radiant temperatures reaching 2000°F will adding a professional finish to your repairs.

Heat Shield Tape With Adhesive is used where it is not convenient to disconnect one end of a hose or cable because of the catastrophic results that can occur.

Heat Shield Tape With Adhesive width: 20mm, 25mm, 38mm, 50mm, 100m, 150mm, 200mm, 500mm, 1000mm, 1500mm, customers width is available.

Heat Shield Tape With Adhesive length can be cutted.

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BSTFLEX Firesleeve

BSTFLEX Firesleeve is perfect for protecting hydraulic hoses, pneumatic lines, electrical cables, control wiring, welding cables, electric arc furnace cables, etc., from high-temperatures, heat, flame, pyro exposure, molten metal splash, slag, welding splatter, grinding, electrical sparks and environmental contaminations.

Used as an industrial firesleeve, marine firesleeve, aviation firesleeve and hydraulic firesleeve on a variety of machines, engines and hydraulic equipment. Firesleeve is sometimes called other names in various uses; such as firejacket or fire-sleeve.

The use of premium quality fiberglass sleeve and the purest silicone rubber in our products results in a firesleeve that is both non-flammable and is self-extinguishing. Our firesleeve 100% made in our own factory, ensuring total quality control during the entire manufacturing process.

BSTFLEX Heat Cleaned Exhaust Wrap

Heat Cleaned Exhaust Wrap is made by fiberglass materials, it will not lose color ever.

Wrapping headers and down pipes is an important first step in reducing unwanted and power-robbing under hood heat. Less under hood heat results in a cooler air charge for improved performance and keeping exhaust gases hotter within the exhaust system helps in decreasing exhaust density & increases exhaust flow.

Heat Cleaned Exhaust Wrap will decrease your engine bay temperature, improve cooling and add horsepower.

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BSTFLEX Fire sleeve with velcro

500°F/260°C Continuous Exposure: Higher Intermittent
Fire sleeve with velcro

Fire sleeve with velcro is knitted or braided high bulk glass fiber sleeve with VCO hook-and-loop closure. Ideal choice for easy retrofits. We provide nylon velcro and Nomex velcro.

Fire Sleeve With Velcro is constructed from a high bulk glass fiber knitted or braided sleeve, heavily coated with our proprietary compound of iron oxide red silicone rubber. Using high temperature glass fiber thread, a flame retardant hook-and-loop closure system is sewn internally.

Fire Sleeve With Velcro will withstand continuous exposure to 500° F (260°C); up to 2000°F (1090°C) for 15-20 minutes; and up to 3000°F (1650°C) for 15-30 seconds.

Fire sleeve can be printed with identification, trademarks, warnings, etc. Customs length per spool is available.

Always wear safety glasses, dust mask, gloves and long sleeves are recommended when handling this product

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