New X-Line meant to bring forward MB Quart performance heritage with a full line of car and mobile audio products in 2015.

• The originators of the titanium dome tweeter bring it back, new & improved
• New proprietary composite basket material and construction
• All new amplifier line to round out the product offering
• Preview 2015 line in SEMA booth #61030

Chicago, IL – MB Quart is proud to announce the release of an all-new mid-level speaker line. The all-new X-Line signals the return to the original titanium tweeter design that made MB Quart famous. The new tweeter features a traditional dome design that provides exceptional performance both on and off axis. The 20mm tweeter is powerful yet compact. The reduced footprint provides greater installation flexibility and will fit in most OEM tweeter mounting locations.


Entry line of product was designed for the budget conscious, performance demanding enthusiasts through the 1990’s. Now MB Quart has redesigned and re-released for today’s demanding music and listeners.

• Aftermarket mobile audio speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers
• Ground up engineered solutions exclusive to MB Quart
• High value product line with the famous MB Quart sound
• Preview 2015 line in SEMA booth #61030

Kelderman Announces Stock Height 4x4 4-Link Rear Kit for 2014/2015 Ram 2500

Oskaloosa, IA (October 24 2014) – Looking to not only improve your ride, but also the carrying capacity of your Ram whether loaded or unloaded? Look no further than Kelderman. Stock height 4x4 4-Link kits for 2014/2015 Ram 2500 trucks with factory coil spring rear suspension are now available. Kelderman 4-link kits remove the entire existing stock suspension and replace it with all new, highly tested, Kelderman components. Trading in leaf springs for a 4-Link air suspension gives you a suspension that rides entirely on air.

You can control the air pressure in the durable air bags included in every Kelderman product from inside the cab to compensate for a heavy load and to enjoy a better ride. It’s easier than changing the air pressure in your tires. With an optional self-leveling air control system, your truck will never sag again. You can load a trailer full of equipment and the suspension will automatically adjust the air pressure to make it return to “ride height”.

Kelderman Releases Lift Kits for 2014 Ram 2500

Oskaloosa, IA (September 26, 2014) – Kelderman is pleased to announce that lift kits for 2014 Ram 2500 trucks with factory coil spring rear suspension are now available. Lift kits are available in 5-6” and 8-10” sizes. Kelderman Ram 2500 lift kits are designed to replace the factory coil spring suspension with a high-strength, industrial style air suspension system. All Kelderman lift kits are fully adjustable with just the touch of a button (when equipped with optional air control packages). The Kelderman 8-10 Air Suspension Lift kit is capable of running up to 40" tires, while the 5-6” lift kit is perfect for 35-37” tires. Kelderman Air Suspension Systems’ lift kits provide a comfortable ride while boosting your trucks carrying capacity!


Hifonics will be showing new product at SEMA 2014 booth #61030 in Las Vegas including the brand new Brutus BRX line, arguably the most famous amplifier for cars, truck and vans, ever.

All New Brutus BRX Series
• The “King of All D-Class Mono Blocks” Has Even More Power
• Big 3000 Watt BRX 3016.1D Features Q Control
• One - 2 Channel Amp, Three - Four Channel Amps
• Five “Super-D™” Mono Blocks
• All New Five-Channel With “Super-D™” Output

Lake Zurich, IL- Maxxsonics’ Hifonics Brutus has defied all comers with its new Brutus BRX Series and is shipping in January 2015.

“Hifonics Brutus represents the “standard” for all other manufacturers to compare. We continue to enhance our Brutus with “Super-D™” Technology mono blocks every two years. This years’ introduction is highlighted for an even bigger mono block and we’ve enhanced the pre-amp section with a parametric EQ, usually found our “Colossus type” product.” said Ted Henricks Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Sentury Tire Introduces Delinte DV2 Commercial Van Tire

High Resolution photos are available at

Miami, FL (October 27, 2014) – Sentury Tire announced today the introduction of the Delinte DV2 Commercial Van Tire. Fifteen new “C” designated tire sizes will be introduced to fit commercial vans. These new “Eurovans” from Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Mercedes-Benz and Nissan require higher load-range “C”-spec, or European-spec tires.

According to Max Wee, director of sales for Sentury Tire Americas, the Delinte DV2 is available for immediate shipment. “Dealers need to alert their customers that standard load LT tires aren’t adequate for the heavier loads they’ll be carrying.” says Wee.

The Delinte DV2 Commercial Van Tire provides these feature/performance benefits:

Three Longitudinal Grooves. Improves hydroplaning resistance while enhancing tire traction.

Staggered Tread Sipings. Improves braking ability for commercial vans.

Sentury Tire Introduces New Delinte DH7 All-Season Highway Crossover & SUV Tire

High Resolution photos are available at

Miami, FL (October 27, 2014) – Sentury Tire announced today that the introduction of the DH7 SUV/CUV All-Season Highway Crossover & SUV Tire. “We’ve redefined driving comfort with the DH7.” stated Max Wee, director of sales for Sentury Tire Americas. “This crossover & SUV replacement tire improves highway stability in both wet and dry conditions. Our dealers are going to love selling the DH7 to customers that want a value priced all-season tire.”

In addition to delivering extra gripping ability, more control and better braking performance, the DH7 provides these following features and benefits:

Fuel-saving Silica Formula. Advanced tread compound reduces rolling resistance, which helps boost each vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

Four Wide Longitudinal Grooves. Evacuate water to enhance steering and braking and reduce hydroplaning.

Kelderman Announces Jeep Wrangler Air Suspension Lift Kit

Oskaloosa, IA (October 24 2014) – Kelderman Air Suspension Systems has developed an air suspension lift kit for the popular Jeep Wrangler (JK) platform. Kelderman will announce the launch of their Jeep air suspension line with the debut of a 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon featured in the Fab Fours booth (#35129) at the 2014 SEMA Show November 4-7 in Las Vegas, NV. This Wrangler will feature a 5.5” lift kit to allow clearance for 37” tires. These air suspension lift kits utilize a 4-Link suspension design up front with a 3-Link suspension design on the rear suspension. Industrial strength air springs take the place of conventional coil springs to provide a smoother ride than is typically associated with lifted Jeeps.


Hifonics will be showing new product at SEMA 2014 booth #61030 in Las Vegas that will cater to the specialty retailer by expanding Non-Internet products from successful “Elite Program”

• All new Brutus Elite Series
• New Designs Featuring Up-Graded Performance
• Two - Four Channels, Four “Super-D™” Mono Blocks
• All New Five-Channel With “Super-D™” Output

Lake Zurich, IL- Maxxsonics is pleased to announce the new Hifonics Brutus Elite (BEX) is shipping in January 2015. Hifonics BEX are the flagship Brutus series that are only available in select retail store fronts. There are no on-line sales allowed.

The Brutus Elite BEX series offers two sound quality four channels with CEA rated out- put of 4 x 65 watts and 4 x 100 watts. The BEX550.4 and BEX850.4 respectively offer a high performance pre-amp front end to power any medium to high power speaker designs, with all the sound shaping tools needed for the desired in-car response.

B&W Trailer Hitches “Quietly” Unveils New Patriot 16K Rail-Mounted Fifth Wheel Slider Hitch at 2014 SEMA

HUMBOLDT, Kan.— B&W Trailer Hitches, a leading U.S.-based manufacturer of heavy-duty, engineered trailer hitches and aftermarket truck/trailer accessories, announced that it will introduce its new 16,000-pound Patriot rail-mounted fifth wheel slider hitch at the 2014 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The innovative Patriot 16K RVK3270 hitch will be shown to the industry for the first time in B&W’s booth (30171) in the Upper South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The versatile new 16,000-pound Patriot rail-mounted slider complements B&W’s full line of hitches and is built to exacting specifications for smooth, flawless and virtually inaudible operation. Unlocking the slider hitch is made effortless, even on irregular terrain, via the locking mechanism’s gear-reduced cam ratio design, which gives the user mechanical advantage.

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