Fidanza Performance Targets the LS Twin Disc Market

Fidanza Performance is excited to announce the release of their new VT twin disc clutch series.

The VT clutch series includes a twin disc clutch with a Fidanza lightweight aluminum flywheel. The clutch assembly targets the popular high performance LS series engines.

These high performance twin disc clutches are available in two performance levels. The VT1 version is a sprung hub, solid organic disc design, for high performance use up to 800ft-lbs torque. The VT2 features a sprung hub using a 6 puck Cerametallic design capable of handling 1,000ft-lbs torque. Suggested retail price for the VT1 is $2,306.75 and the VT2 suggested retail price is $2456.75.

The VT series offers:

• Light weight Aluminum clutch hat
• Nearly twice the disc surface
• Supplied with alignment tool
• Longer life and better wear characteristics

Application/Description MSRP Torque Capacity
VT1 $2306.75 800 ft.-lbs.
VT2 $2456.75 1,000 ft.-lbs.

Hi-Lift® Jack Company Introduces “Reflective Loop” Recovery Straps

Recovery straps are a must-have for any off-road enthusiast, farmer, rancher, or outdoorsman. The new “Reflective Loop” Recovery Straps are ideal for use with a Hi-Lift® Jack for winching and recovery. Constructed of high quality and durable polyester material, which is better than nylon for controlled pulls where a slower, more exact extraction is desired.

With minimal light aimed at the reflective end loops during night recovery, the loops will reflect and shine making it easier to keep a visual on both connecting points during the recovery operation.

3 Strap Options Offered:

3” x 30’ 30,000 lbs / 13607 kg
2” x 30’ 20,000 lbs / 9071 kg
3” x 15’ 30,000 lbs / 13607 kg (Tree Saver)

Mayhew To Unveil New Automotive Tools At SEMA Las Vegas

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Heavy Duty Plated Pry Bar Line Designed for Discerning Mechanics &
Best In Class Hose Clamp Pliers Feature Reinforced Jaw, Easy Cable Replacement.

Turners Falls, MA: Mayhew Steel Products, Inc. announced today that it will unveil a new line of professional grade, USA made, plated pry bars as well as introduce its best in class ratcheting hose clamp pliers at SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) in Las Vegas, Nevada November 3-6, 2015.
Mayhew’s plated pry bar line will include rolling head and alignment pry bars sold both in sets as well as open stock. Specifically designed for use during vehicle assembly, disassembly and adjustment operations, these USA made, professional grade plated steel bars pry, position, lift and align, especially in confined areas. When the job is done, these “polished” bars offer a protective finish that easily sheds grit, grease and grime with a quick rag wipe down prior to storing for the next heavy duty project.

PIAA’s New Yellow RF LED Light Bars

PIAA RF Series LED light bars are now available in a Yellow Fog beam pattern. The 2800k pure yellow output is far less reflective than standard white light output, allowing it to cut through rain, fog, snow, and dust, giving drivers an advantage in a variety of harsh conditions. The focused beam pattern of RF Series lights give the Yellow Fog pattern a sharp cut off line that keeps the light where the driver needs it and prevents dangerous glare for oncoming drivers. The Yellow Fog pattern is available for all RF Series light bar sizes, including the RF6, RF10, and RF18. All three sizes are SAE compliant making for an easy transition from off-road driving to legal street use.

PIAA RF Series Yellow LED Light Bars

PIAA Adds Hybrid Beam Pattern to RF Light Bars

PIAA RF Series LED Light Bars are now available in a Hybrid beam pattern designed for off-road use. The Hybrid beam provides an ideal combination of distance and width, which makes it the perfect light for trail and off-road use. The 6000k white color output replicates daylight for better depth perception and clarity of off-road hazards. The Hybrid beam pattern is available for all PIAA light bar sizes including the RF6, RF10, and RF18.

PIAA RF Series Hybrid Beam LED Light Bars

PIAA RF Series Hybrid Beam Light Bars are perfect for trail and off-road use. The Hybrid beam pattern light output is the ideal combination between a driving and fog pattern, putting the light exactly where off-road drivers need it.

Welcome to the Pure Freakin' Magic revolution!

PFM Micro Fiber Towels

• The revolution is in the weave
• Delivers speed and convenience of one-pass drying
• Provides superior final buffing detailing capability
• Dual weave glass towel produces a streak-free finish

Covercraft Expands SeatSavers Line - New Patterns for Truck and SUV; Six Colors

When it comes to protecting your truck or SUV seats from dirt, spills, pets, kids, weekend adventures, DIY projects and sun damage, Covercraft delivers with custom fit SeatSaver seat covers. Whether you’re protecting or restoring vehicle seats, SeatSavers are the perfect solution.

“We all use our vehicles for a lot more than a daily driver. SeatSavers allow people to live, work and play – even in the harshest climates - without worrying about seat damage,” stated Mark Korros, CEO of Covercraft. “Our SeatSavers were created to provide a super tough, stylish, easy care seat cover that everyone can afford.”

Each unique SeatSaver pattern is designed to OEM seat specifications and features overlapping double-stitched main seams, headrest, armrest and custom console covers (front and rear), as well as high quality finishes like storage pockets, and seatbelt and seat control access points. Heavy-duty denim weave polycotton SeatSavers are available in six popular colors.

PIAA Creates a Bold New Look for Their Premium Silicone Wiper Blades

PIAA Creates a Bold New Look for Their Premium Silicone Wiper Blades

Portland, OR, (September 15, 2015)- PIAA’s line of premium silicone wiper blades have a distinct new package that combines aesthetics with functionality. The new package is designed to reflect the quality of PIAA’s premium wipers and set them apart from the crowd. The eye catching accent colors help customers distinguish between each wiper model, with blue representing Aero Vogue, green for Si-Tech, and red for Super Silicone. The front of each package clearly illustrates the unique advantages of PIAA wiper blades including the benefits of long lasting silicone rubber and the included water beading windshield prep-pack. The back of the package includes simple installation instructions with helpful graphics to ensure a pleasant buying experience from start to finish. Along with a strong focus on aesthetics, the functional plastic packaging is re-sealable with no need for staples and is 100% recyclable.

Size matters for Chicago Pneumatic at SEMA 2015

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Size matters at SEMA as Chicago Pneumatic, in response to user demand and market trends for smaller, lighter tools, unveils its most compact and lightweight air tools for the automotive aftermarket. The compact range is ideal for use inside the vehicle and engine compartment where tight spaces restrict the movement of conventional tools. Visitors to the booth (10104) will be able to experience the compact size and powerful force the new tools have to offer. In addition on stand will also be a new composite angle grinder range, impact wrenches for heavy vehicle tire changing and an updated range of workshop equipment products including wheel dollies and workshop presses.

Covercraft Offers SeatHeater Kits - Just in Time for Fall!

Great for Use with SeatSavers, Too!

Covercraft has taken seat protection and comfort to a new level with its easy-to- install SeatHeater kits.

Unlike many other seat heating systems, each SeatHeater kit includes four heating elements for both the seat base and seat back (both driver and passenger seats) for toasty, full body comfort during cold weather. The wiring harness simply plugs into the vehicle accessory power outlet. Each kit also includes a dual switch for individual heat control.

The self-regulating heating elements are made in the U.S.A. with patented heating technology that provides uniform warmth and prevents overheating.

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